Being spruce isn’t only about how you wear your clothes, or put on your makeup or how you fix your gorgeous tresses. It is also about having completely smooth and flawless skin, especially for women. In the recent years, grooming has mainly included hair removal in its list. Hair removal has become a necessity than […]

Have you ever wondered how every salon visit magically transforms your hair into silky and smooth hair? We all want that kind of hair on the daily basis, minus the daily salon visit. We’ve listed down professional products we can use at home to achieve our dream hair:   Original & Mineral Know Knott Conditioning […]

Finding the right hairstylist may be likened to finding a needle in a haystack. So below, we put together a reference guide to help you find the best hair salons in Singapore that can give you the hair treatment of your dreams. Scroll down and see for yourself.   Number 76 You might have seen […]

We all know the struggle of wanting to treat yourselves to a nice mani or pedi nail services but it often costs a lot. But have no fear, we give you few of the cheap nail salons in Singapore that won’t break your banks this year!   Manicurious Manicurious may just be a woman’s paradise. Located […]

At least once a month, we treat ourselves to a mani and pedi just because we love to feel pampered even just for an hour.  Whether you’re in desperate need of a new set of gel nails or just want to treat yourself to something special, these nail salons will dress your digits up with […]

It’s sad and almost painful to see a lot of us being taken over our kids, our jobs and our busy lives that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. But nothing is ever too late and there is very little need to worry because here in Beauty Insider, we take beauty seriously. […]

  For a novice like myself, there is rarely a time where I do not need a fuller or voluminous and perfectly curled set of eyelashes. I was pretty happy with all the falsies I used, and of course the magical eyelash extension which I scheduled to go for, every 2 months. I have no […]

Heard of Graceous Salon? This is probably one of the Best Beauty Salon in Singapore To Achieve Gorgeous Lashes Not many women are blessed with a lush set of eyelashes, some have sparse lashes, some have them thin, and some, unfortunately, downright droopy. But this dilemma is a dilemma no more, thanks to the creative […]

Our hair makes up 90% of your entire look, don’t you think? Our heads and faces are basically covered up with our hair whether we like it or not. Learning to style your hair is one thing, but having the best hairdressers and a regular salon visit have that magical power to perfect your look! […]

Have you ever noticed that Singapore looks more beautiful the older she gets? Vaniday, Singapore’s number one marketplace for online booking of beauty & wellness treatments, reveals the country’s beauty secrets and celebrates National Day by offering a special selection of $52 beauty treatments.   Singapore is 52, but she looks and feels 18!   […]

If there’s one thing that makes Eastern makeup stand out from the Western makeup trends, it’s the naturalness. We put on our makeup in a way that we look like we don’t have makeup. Embracing our natural look is our thing—we don’t just conceal imperfections with makeup, we fix them with our skin care routines […]

Here in Beauty Insider SG, we know how important it is for you to get value for your money. All your beauty secrets from makeup, skin care, hair care, and more shouldn’t empty your wallet or max out your credit cards. That’s why we give you this feature of the budget-friendly yet best facial treatments […]

Your eyebrows are more than just hair — it’s a crucial part of your face. Aside from keeping your sweat and the rain from reaching and irritating your eyes, these twins play a huge role in facial recognition. People remember other people’s faces better subconsciously because of the eyebrows. You’re easier to look at with […]

Cynthia Yew’s passion for the brow industry began more than 20 years ago. Now the Managing Director of eyebrow and eyelash specialists HighBrow, Cynthia could always tell the difference defining the eyes made to her own features.

Eyelashes can make your eyes look more beautiful and expressive. Here in HighBrow they can customize eyelash extensions that can suit your face for you to feel more confident.