Many of us dream about the “ideal” office lunchtime — the lunch break equivalent of relaxation, tranquillity and maybe even a facial? Well, it exists — and we’ve got the inside scoop on a beauty salon in Singapore that’ll inspire some serious lunchtime envy. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of best and most holistic way […]

For many, getting a facial is a calming indulgence akin to a massage or a pedicure — though, maybe not as frequent. But, getting routine facials offers so much more than just a relaxing experience — most importantly, giving your skin a healthy glow. Designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, treat skin conditions […]

Is it just us, or does booking beauty appointments appear to feel like more work than it theoretically should be? You dial a number, you endure music while on hold, and your odds of booking an appointment on your preferred agenda are next to zilch. Ain’t nobody got time for that — and, at this […]

Between scorching temperatures, dealing with overcrowded commutes, stressful deadlines, and, well, little to no downtime (let’s be real, when you can hardly feel your face, heading out for a girls’ dinner or catching a drink with your colleagues is the last thing you want to do), it’s not surprising to find yourself feeling down in the […]

Body hair is totally predictable. It constantly grows back from a shave or a waxing session at a steady pace, making itself more apparent day by day. While we’re firm believers that you don’t need to sport a hairless look to live your best and beautiful life, that doesn’t mean you can’t give some thought […]

We are a society obsessed with eyebrows and lash extensions. Even if you weren’t blessed with ‘Instagram Perfect Eyebrows’ or star-studded luxurious lashes, it doesn’t mean you have to pass up on these brows and lash services that help you achieve your desired look. With these brands, they focus on the individuality of your face […]

If there was ever a perfect time for a fresh manicure, it’s right now! Nail designs have long been a form of self-expression. Thanks to their minimal commitment, you can easily decorate your fingertips according to any given mood or special event — and nail artist, Park Eunkyung is paving the way for innovative and surprisingly chic designs. […]

Permanent hair removal is the best way to finally rid yourself of that weekly or bi-weekly routine of defuzzing yourself. Just think of all the time you could be spending elsewhere if you did not have to keep scheduling in shaving or waxing sessions. You could be working out more, catching up on your favourite […]

Being spruce isn’t only about how you wear your clothes, or put on your makeup or how you fix your gorgeous tresses. It is also about having completely smooth and flawless skin, especially for women. In the recent years, grooming has mainly included hair removal in its list. Hair removal has become a necessity than […]

Have you ever wondered how every salon visit magically transforms your hair into silky and smooth hair? We all want that kind of hair on the daily basis, minus the daily salon visit. We’ve listed down professional products we can use at home to achieve our dream hair: Original & Mineral Know Knott Conditioning Detangler […]

Sothy’s Singapore opened the doors to it’s first Premium Salon in January. And as the second out of thirty slated to open by 2023, Sothys Singapore is ushering in it’s newest addition in the heart of Tanjong Pagar in 100AM Mall on April 7, Saturday. With 35 years of experience, Sothys Premium Salon only uses […]

Finding the right hairstylist may be likened to finding a needle in a haystack. So below, we put together a reference guide to help you find the best hair salons in Singapore that can give you the hair treatment of your dreams. Scroll down and see for yourself. Number 76 You might have seen glossy […]

We all know the struggle of wanting to treat yourselves to a nice mani or pedi nail services but it often costs a lot. But have no fear, we give you few of the cheap nail salons in Singapore that won’t break your banks this year! Manicurious Manicurious may just be a woman’s paradise. Located at […]

Tired of your usual monotonous work routine? Break up your hectic workday with a pampering lunchtime treat at any of these 8 salons! Specially picked for their quick, yet effective treatments and convenient locations near work, these outlets are sure to refresh and transform you, leaving you fresh way into the working day and beyond. […]

These results-driven treatments will address whatever skin issues you’re battling and dealing with right now. You can get truly younger-looking, more radiant, smoother and better skin condition with these award-winning restorative non-invasive aesthetic treatments in Singapore. BB Dewy Shine Face Therapy At Estetica Beauty Now you don’t have to spare extra time to prep your […]