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Kate Winslet investing on eye cream

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“A good eye cream is really important when you are traveling, busy and stressed-that’s when the dark puffy circles can get you.” This Titanic star invests on eye cream.

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest area in our whole body, thus, neglecting the care it needs quickens the process of drying and aging.

Eye creams are heroes for these issues. Just as foot creams are specially formulated for thick and rough skin, eye creams address under-eye concerns such as puffiness and dark circles.


Lucy Liu on sticking to your usual staples makes you know what works for you and what doesn’t.

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“When I was shooting a movie in Montreal, it was freezing. If you take a little bit of Aquaphor and dab it on your face, it keeps your skin looking fresh. I dubbed it Aqua For Everything.”


Eva Mendes on using Bronzer-Moisturizer

beauty tips 2018, beauty reviews blog, skincare products reviews

“A shimmery bronzer is the perfect way to look alive. If you don’t want to wear makeup, mix some with moisturizer. You’ll look pretty but not made-up.”

While we all believe that bronzers are letting us fake a tan or helps us slim down our face, bronzers actually make your skin look healthy. It brings out your skin’s natural complexion by breaking out the monotony of a flat foundation finish.

Pairing it with the correct moisturizer could be a perfect combo as moisturizers are pretty much doubling its effect. It has a protective factor that repairs itself when the most sensitive areas of the skin renews leaving it vulnerable to dryness.

Gwen Stefani on creating your own shade

beauty tips 2018, beauty reviews blog, skincare products reviews

“I love to layer tons of different shades to create new colors. I start with matte lipstick that’s really dry then I put a more creamy, moist lipstick on my top. And my trick for not getting it on my teeth? Be really careful!”

Another makeup trick most makeup artists and celebrities usually use is combining two or more lipsticks and creating a brand new shade.

Blend the shade you want to achieve by starting it off with a colourless base primer. Set the tone as you choose your first shade. Your second and upcoming coats will just gradient your first base.

Miranda Kerr Dramatic lashes trick

Miranda Kerr swears to use a spoon as a curling tool for stubborn eyelashes. Start off by warming the kitchen utensil using hot water and use your thumb to bend your lashes against the edge of the spoon. This seems weird but it actually works.

Isla Fisher also uses another heating trick. She blows dry the eyelash curler for a few seconds before using. Be careful not to make it too hot. Tap test unto your fingers before using.

Lauren Conrad on Blow-drying

beauty tips 2018, beauty reviews blog, skincare products reviews

Ever wonder why hair becomes frizzier after blowdrying in the steamy shower? Don’t blame your tool, blame the room you’re in.

Lauren Conrad suggests blow-drying in a colder temperature as the humidity of the room contributes to the overall frizziness of your hair making it more prone to dryness and damage.

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