Beauty Space Spotlight: Beauty Trends That Are Making It Big In 2021!

By: Clara Siew / November 20, 2020

Earlier this week, Beauty Expo hosted their first ever virtual Beauty Space event! Essentially, Beauty Space is a live online platform for international beauty manufacturers and consumers to interact and connect with each other in real time. Besides discovering the latest local and global beauty trends, we also got to host a Beauty Talk session about how beauty brands are changing the way they do business during the pandemic. If you missed the chance to join us at the event, worry not because we’ve got you covered!

Beauty trends are now revolving around the pandemic

So far, it has been fascinating to see how beauty brands are changing the way they adapt and market their products since the start of the pandemic. Because of Covid-19, many beauty brands both big and small have been thrown into the deep end without a word of warning. Is this the death of brick and mortar stores for the time being? What does this mean for both beauty suppliers and consumers?

Many beauty brands have been left scrambling to scale back on operations and take cost-cutting measures to stay afloat. Despite it all however, some beauty categories have proven themselves to be quite resilient even amidst this socioeconomic uncertainty. Before the pandemic reared its ugly head, the cosmetics scene was thriving in 2019. Colour was making a splash everywhere and new makeup collections were making their presence known on social media on an almost daily basis. You could say that the colour market was overwhelmingly saturated. There was no shortage of foundations, liquid lipsticks, blushers and limited edition palettes.

How things have changed over the past few months! Since the start of the pandemic, we’re looking at a steady rise in skincare, body care, haircare and wellness categories. Even though consumers are spending less on colour cosmetics and perfumes, they are still spending nonetheless. Only now, their priorities are different. Their needs are different. Therein lies the overarching theme for the New Year ahead – comfort over colour.

Top 10 biggest beauty trends in 2021

1. Oxygen-infused skincare

The term “oxygen skincare” came up frequently at Beauty Space. In fact, several skincare manufacturers like Beaubelle Group Malaysia, SLC Korea, Biopolytech Korea and Oxytap Singapore are already incorporating the concept of oxygenation into their products. For instance, Oxytap Singapore has come up with an oxygenated water dispenser that can be used for both consumption as well as cleansing the skin. On the other hand, Bipolytech has developed their Skinua Pure Oxygen Mask as a rejuvenating anti-ageing treatment. However, as oxygen is a gas, oxygen skincare comes from oxygenating individual ingredients during the formulation process. Besides delivering the anti-ageing benefits of oxygenated ingredients to our skin cells, oxygen skincare also helps to boost circulation and cell turnover for a radiant complexion.

2. At-home spa and self-care kits

Since we’re mostly staying at home now during the pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for at-home self-care kits. In fact, people are finding it a calming and comforting practice to indulge in little luxuries at home. What’s more, products like DIY hair colour kits, at-home manicure sets, aromatherapy, skincare and body care products have been rising steadily in popularity since the start of the pandemic.

3. Prebiotics and probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics aren’t new concepts. However, we will definitely be seeing a surge in prebiotic and probiotic-infused skincare products in the coming year ahead. According to the CEO of Beaubelle Group, Julius Lim, “Prebiotics provide the nutrition for the (skin’s) resident-friendly bacteria to thrive. This helps to give the skin a strong foundation, prevent skin inflammation and sensitivity and help the skin absorb active ingredients better“. On top of balancing the skin’s microbiome, pre and probiotics also regulates sebum production to manage acne breakouts over time.

4. Portable beauty gadgets and tools

Next on the list, beauty gadgets and tools will be making a strong appearance in 2021. This year alone, sales in beauty tools and devices like jade rollers, guashas, facial cleansing tools and portable hair removal devices have risen dramatically in the span of a few months. Since more people are spending time at home, more time is spent on grooming and overall self-maintenance. With the pandemic not going away any time soon, we definitely see this trend continuing to ride the wave in the coming year ahead.

5. Clean and natural beauty trends

Green, clean, cruelty-free and vegan beauty has been popular for a long while now. However, the onset of the pandemic is now accelerating and magnifying the natural beauty trend even more than ever before. In fact, we’re seeing an emergence in Phyto or plant-powered beauty. And the same goes for vegan and halal skincare.

6. Targeted skincare and spot treatments

Besides natural skincare, consumers are looking for products to target specific skin concerns. In addition, there have also been increasing reports of people experiencing mask acne and contact dermatitis due to long hours of mask-wearing. As a result, more consumers are looking for dermatologist solutions in their skincare products. This is because consumers want experts whom they can trust and who can recommend something that actually works. Additionally, more dermatologists like Dr. Andrea Suarez are now taking to YouTube to share their knowledge and product reviews with their followers.

7. Masks for everything

In line with the stay-at-home trend, masks for everything will be trending in 2021. Besides nourishing masks for the face, we can see more beauty brands coming up with treatment masks for the hair, hands, feet and even body. Overall, this is all part of the self-care and wellness theme that we have been seeing so far.

8. Gender-neutral fragrances

Inclusive beauty is the name of the game in 2021. Hence, we will be seeing more gender-neutral beauty products like unisex perfumes and skincare products. Although perfumes have taken a hit this year as people are not going out as much, gender-neutral scents will definitely be making an appearance in the year to come as and when people begin to venture out again.

9. It’s all about the eyes

Since face masks are now the new normal, so too is eye makeup! Since the bottom half of our faces are now always concealed by a face mask, we will be seeing stronger eye makeup looks in 2021. Instead of the usual lipsticks and lip lacquers, consumers will now be investing in eyeshadow palettes and experimenting with different colors and trends. For example, Verona Products Professional’s Head of Marketing and Business Development Karina shared that Verona’s color eyeliners has been doing exceedingly well amongst Poland consumers in recent months.

10. Natural beauty trends for online meetings

Finally, light and easy makeup will also be a huge trend in 2021 as more people are working from home and will be attending online meetings on a daily basis. Besides more lightweight textures, we will also be seeing more multi-functional and camera-friendly products that are great for everyday use. Even though some applications like Zoom now have face filters, it’s still nice to make the effort and show up for yourself even when you’re working from home.

Now, which trends are you most looking forward to in 2021?

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