From Spider Webs to a drop of saliva, Beauty Asia 2017 unveils Noteworthy Products

Spider facial creams, saliva testing and more were showcased at the region’s leading beauty trade show, BeautyAsia 2017.

BeautyAsia 2017, a three-day beauty trade exhibition, concluded its 21st year of introducing the latest offerings in the industry and gathering beauty professionals to conduct business. More than 180 international exhibiting companies from 20 different countries convened in Singapore to present their beauty and wellness products.


“Innovation and technology is becoming the forefront of the beauty industry. As with every year, BeautyAsia has brought together both local and foreign exhibitors to introduce the latest advancements in beauty and wellness,” said Gillian Loh, Project Manager of Lines Exhibition. “We are proud to be the trusted regional platform for new and existing businesses to showcase revolutionary products in Asia, and to provide opportunities for them to gather in one place for face-to-face networking.”

Some never before seen products were unveiled for the first time in Asia at the trade show this year which included Dermanour’s Spider Lifting Cream by Beauty Absolute Co., Ltd and Phil Pharma SRL’s Skin Up, a facial ultrasonic vaporizer.



Mr Fillipo Merchiori, Head of Marketing, Foreign Import and Export at Phil Pharma SRL, said: “We felt that there was no better place than a regional trade show like BeautyAsia to showcase our product to our potential business partners in Asia. We are pleased to say that the overwhelming response we’ve received is an affirmation to our belief that BeautyAsia is a gateway to the beauty and wellness market in Asia.”

“BeautyAsia is perfectly located in Singapore that enables foreign businesses like ours to convene and network without any language or cultural barriers,” said Chaiyapong Charaswiseopon, Managing Director of Beauty Absolute Co., Ltd.

Driving innovation to the beauty scene is first-time exhibitor, Imagene Labs, a genetics-driven wellness company that formulates personalised solutions based on an individual’s saliva sample.

Mr Roy Chong, Business Development Manager of Imagene Labs, added that: “As we are focused on expanding our footprint in South East Asia, BeautyAsia has been a great avenue for us in establishing meaningful connections with our target partners as well as gaining new contacts in the region.”

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