Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment- The Affordable Fix For Hair Fall!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / June 22, 2020

Are you suffering from excessive hair loss issues?! As annoying and worrying hair falls can be, the good news is that there is HELP!!! In fact, there is an abundant number of home remedies, hair products and salon treatments that promise to reduce hair falls. However, home remedies take long to show effective results whereas most products and salon treatments use harsh chemicals which can easily deteriorate the health of your scalp. Then, how to fix my hair fall problem, you ask? Well, safe and fast in giving results, the best fix to all your hair woes is the Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment. 

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We are pretty sure, most of you have heard about the Bee Choo Origin Hair Care Centre in Singapore. Established in early 2000 by Madam Cheah Bee Chew, Bee Choo Origin is a hair care provider that is determined to provide natural remedies for hair loss and scalp related issues. With over 200 stores globally, they continue to grow and improve their treatments by infusing modern technologies and scientific research to give the best results for your hair. Using the best quality premium herbs, Bee Choo Origin promises you with assurance and integrity. So, rest assured you are always in the hands of therapist professionally trained by trichologists.

Does all these talking make you want to try the treatment right now?! Well, that’s how we felt hence we did try the treatment. Few of the members from Beauty Insider Singapore had the chance to visit and try this acclaimed treatment not long ago, and we absolutely loved it! It deserves all the glorifications because it was so goooooooood! Below are all our honest, unfiltered opinions on the treatment! Plus, we’ve also gathered all other key details you need to know about the Bee Choo Origin Hair Treatment. Well, let’s find out more, shall we?

What is The Bee Choo Herbal Hair Loss Treatment About? 

It is an all-natural hair loss treatment that targets the root of the problem by using natural ingredients. Focusing particularly on your scalp health and hair roots, this highly raved hair treatment can promote an environment that is great for the healthy growth of hair. This treatment is suitable for all hair types especially those facing extreme hair and scalp issues such as itchiness, post-pregnancy hair loss and oiliness can benefit big time from this treatment. Adding to that, this treatment can help to unclog pores and remove residues effectively too!

Furthermore,  the nutrients provided in the treatment can certainly help rebalance the pH level in your hair. As a result, your hair will grow stronger and healthier. Oh, did we also mention the treatment can improve your blood circulation? Yes, it can! Now, you get why Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment has been receiving strong and loyal support throughout Singapore in the many years of serving Singaporeans. No wonder, Bee Choo Origin has been able to expand rapidly! With affordable pricing and effective results, it is the golden ticket for a head full of luscious hair.

What Sets the Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Apart From Others? 

Developed by a board of certified trichologists, the Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment is specifically and meticulously designed to help with hair fall issues and disorders! It can ensure your scalp is in tip-top condition and also help maintain consistent, healthy hair growth. To add to that, all of Bee Choo Origin scalp and hair treatments are all formulated using high concentrations of natural botanical essences that can heal and protect your scalp effectively.  In just about 90 minutes, you can notice the improvement in your scalp’s texture and feel! 

What Are The Benefits of Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment? 

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Well, this herbal hair loss treatment can basically do it all. From unclogging the pores on your scalp to restoring back the scalp health, it is everything your scalp needs. Apart from that, this treatment can also give your hair the essential nutrients it needs. Combining years of hard work, new technologies, knowledgeable scalp therapist and top-quality ingredients, this hair loss treatment can help restore the condition and environment of your scalp leaving you with a healthy and well-nourished scalp.

The Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment can:

  • Provide relief from itchy scalp
  • Cover black and grey hair with a natural-based dye
  • Aid post-pregnancy hair fall problems
  • Help get rid of dandruff, flakes and oil formation
  • Soothe the scalp and conditions hair
  • Reduce hair fall and other dry scalp issues

How Was The Whole Experience At Bee Choo Origin? 

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Absolutely great and we are not kidding you at all!  We loved every minute of the treatment, ambience, staff and service at Bee Choo Origin. Just walking into the salon felt like walking into another realm totally. I LOVE IT THERE. It’s a big big big relief and sanctuary for young working adults like us in Singapore. Below is a detailed guide on how the whole treatment went.

1. Started Off with a Scalp Check

Upon arriving at the salon, we were greeted by the salon consultant. She was super friendly and warm and welcomed me in with a huge smile (even offered me some tea!) After that, using a scalp checking machine, she analyzed my scalp in the consultation room before we got started. The scalp check literally showed every detail about our scalp and issues. It was quite scary looking at all the underneath problems in our scalp and we gladly went into the treatment knowing that these people can fix our mane issue!

2. Next, was a Scalp Massage using Ginger Hair Tonic 

After the analysis, we were then given a short yet relaxing scalp rub while they apply their specially formulated Ginger Hair Tonic. This is to help speed up the absorption of the tonic which can help to stimulate the pores and as a gentle exfoliation. I personally felt my scalp feeling lighter (almost fell asleep, HAHA!).

3. Followed by Conditioning the Hair with Olive Oil

After the soothing massage using ginger hair tonic, then step of the treatment was conditioning the hair. The therapist then used pure virgin olive oil onto the ends of the hair. Packed with nourishing and moisturising properties, olive oil can deeply condition and soften your hair. It can also prevent and ease out split ends while improving hair condition for smoother and shinier tresses.

4. Then,  Applying their Specially Formulated Herbal Cream.

This is in fact the main highlight of the treatment. The therapist used their signature herbal treatment paste and applied it all over our hair. The herbal goodness contains more than 10 types of herbs, including the king of herbs – Ginseng! 

Here are some of the herbs in the cream and its benefits: 

  • Ginseng: Controls oily scalp and reduces hair fall 
  • Ling Zhi: Prevents hair infection and itchy scalp
  • Dang Gui: Improves blood circulation
  • He Shou Wu: Delays the growth of grey and white hair

In fact, the herbal scent stayed in our hair for almost three days. We enjoyed the musky strong aroma hence, so it was pretty soothing for us!!!

5. Then, it was a 45 Minutes Steaming Process

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Once the herbal paste is applied thoroughly all over our scalp, the hair therapist applies some kind of spa treatment on the roots of our hair ends (this comes at an extra cost). This concoction is made from walnut shell powder as it can help remove dirt, dead skin and repair dry hair. Once that was done, the therapist then wrapped our hair and scalp with a plastic wrap and placed a hair steamer on top of my head. The whole steaming process took about 45 minutes.

6. Finally, was Washing and Drying The Hair

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Once the steaming process is over, the final step of the treatment is washing and drying the hair. They only semi-dry our hair to ensure our scalp maximised the absorption of nutrients. The therapist also applied some of Bee Choo Origin’s top-notch products from the collection to condition and protect the hair and leave you with nice healthy tresses.

Just for your information, Bee Choo Origin also produces a range of products like shampoos, hair tonics, and hair oils that are extremely effective and safe to use! You can check out their full collection here

Now, Is The Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Really Worth It? 

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YES!!! If you want to truly indulge yourself in a hype-worthy hair treatment in Singapore then Bee Choo Origin is where you need to be heading. Book your appointment with Bee Choo Origin now! Below are all the details you need for all their salon and service. 

Price: $34 for Men, $36-70 for Women

Contact Number: (65) 6742 3033

Official Website: Bee Choo Origin Singapore

Facebook: Bee Choo Origin Singapore

Instagram : beechooorigin