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4 Hand Creams to Help you Cope with the Loss of Crabtree & Evelyn

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If you have not heard of the disastrous bankruptcy that is Crabtree & Evelyn then we at Beauty Insider are truly sorry. Let us take a moment of silence for this brand who has kept our fingertips lovingly moisturised for decades.

They have lined our stocking fillers for years. Sat in our purses. And even been a go-to for that last minute gift. We will certainly feel the loss of Crabtree & Evelyn as a beauty community if they choose to close their stores in Singapore.

Nevertheless, here are our top 4 alternatives to moisturise your fingertips and keep your hand cream drawer full of lovely smelling creams.


Their simplistic yet medical approach to skincare allows you to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your hand cream needs.

Walking into any store automatically gives you that calm presence that you need from most skincare brands. If stores are not your vibe, they also have an online site that ships to your doorstep with little fuss.

We recommend the Aromatique Hand Balm for a variety of reasons. It keeps your hands moisturised without that greasy feeling and comes in natural scents that blend into your natural musk easily. All these qualities make for a lovely purse addition.

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Shea Butter Hand Cream- $45

L ‘Occitane

A long time great competitor for Crabtree & Evelyn products is and has always been L’Occitane. This Shea butter infused hand cream allows for moisturising as well as hydration of pores. It definitely penetrates to keep hands moisturised for along time and is a creamier texture than that of most hand creams.

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Innisfree is famed for their Jeju Island products. If you are new to the healing properties of this island be informed that Jeju island is famed for not just picturesque views but also for containing the purest of ingredients boosting collagen and other detoxifying ingredients.

The natural aroma coupled with the organic nature of the Jeju Life brand is sure to add not just moisture but healing properties to your fingertips. This season, Innisfree has teamed up with Disney to unveil the cutest collection of hand cream sets. Get your hands on them before they all sell out!

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Bath and Body Works

If sweet smelling treats and whole lot of variety is what you are after, Bath and Body Works is the brand for you! You’ll be overwhelmed with lovely aromas the moment you enter the store.

The best part about their hand creams is their affordability as well as accessible scents. Soak in some vanilla scented creams or cherry scented balms- the choice is yours!

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sephora hand cream
Sephora Collection Hand Balm- $9


Sephora skincare has come a long way with its face masks being their best sellers. Their hand creams are easy to use, beauty essentials that come in a variety of aromas.

Though Sephora hand creams do not have a strong branding for specific skin types, we recommend them for their availability and accessibility for the every day woman.

Keep this at your desk and your coworkers are sure to get in on that moisturising action!

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