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Facial Rollers 101: Everything You Need To Know About Facial Rollers

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Beauty brands are always introducing wacky yet innovative tools to take your beauty game to the next level. Now, it looks like facial rollers have joined the ranks and they are the latest ‘it’ thing in town. A favourite amongst beauty junkies and influencers alike, facial rollers have gained widespread popularity for its enhancing effects on the skin.

What in the World is A Facial Roller?


Facial rollers are paint roller-like massage tools to enhance blood circulation and improve overall skin health. These tools go as far back as the seventh century, where they were first introduced in China. Now, they are making a comeback and you can find them flooded on your Instagram feed!

Besides improving blood circulation, this beauty tool is also known to combat fine lines and wrinkles and decrease puffiness caused by congested lymphatic channels.  Essentially, it is an all-in-one tool for ageless skin! 

There are different types of facial rollers in the market for every skin and body concern. Beauty Insider gives you the lowdown to everything you need to know about facial rollers.


Jade facial rollers are the most popular choice of facial rollers for many beauty junkies. These rollers help to drain lymphatic fluid that causes swollen faces in the morning. Plus, the ancient Chinese even believed that jade stones contained healing powers to help with anxiety and fatigue! Check out this informative video by YouTuber Marianna Hewitt to find out more about the know-how of jade facial rollers.

For jade stone rollers, our best pick is Herbivore Botanical’s Jade Facial Roller. Reviewers are loving this jade roller for its cooling sensation and deliver on its promise to reduce puffiness.

Pro tip: Roll your jade facial roller over your sheet masks for better absorption!

Price: $46 at Sephora

Rose Quartz

Like jade facial rollers, rose quartz rollers do its part in lymphatic draining and reducing puffy skin effectively. However, they are also better known for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as they are much smoother as compared to jade facial rollers. What’s more, rose quartz rollers are ideal for people with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema as it tends to stay cooler longer to soothe your skin. Check out YouTuber Rita Almusa as she discusses the benefits of rose quartz facial rolling.

The Mount Lai De-Puffing Rose Quartz Facial Roller is our go-to for rose quartz facial rollers! Reviewers even say that they have seen significant improvements in the skin’s firmness and elasticity after using this product!

Price: $56 at Sephora


Aside from its gorgeous appearance, amethyst rollers work like magic on the skin! On a spiritual level, many people believe that amethyst stones bring a sense of serenity and relieve stress levels. Similar to jade and rose quartz facial roller, amethyst rollers combat puffiness and soothes any inflammation for a radiant appearance. What’s more, they are also known for boosting collagen production for firmer skin!

For amethyst rollers, the Mount Lai De-Puffing Amethyst Roller is your best pick. Reviewers have even said that this product works in reducing swollen eyelids!

Price: $68 at Sephora

Derma Rollers

Unlike smooth stone facial rollers, derma rollers use a mini wheel covered in microneedles to treat your skin! Although the idea of hundreds of needles puncturing into your skin sounds like a nightmare, the whole process is actually painless! Dermarollers are best known for clearing acne scars, reducing the appearance of fine lines and evening out the skin tone. Watch YouTuber James Welsh discuss the benefits of derma rollers here!

The Cosmedica Skincare Microneedling Derma Roller System is our top pick for derma rollers! Although there are stray reviews, many reviewers have said that they have noticed significant differences in their skin after using this roller and have lauded it for being gentle and effective!

Price: $13.76 at iHerb

How To Use A Facial Roller

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Using a facial roller is not rocket science, so fret not! All you have to do is roll this massaging tool all over your targeted areas in an outward motion and repeat it for five to six times. It is that simple! The best areas to roll your facial roller are on the areas most vulnerable to fine lines such as the under eyes and crows feet. Additionally, we recommend rolling it on your cheeks and jaws to reduce any swelling.

How Often Should I Use a Facial Roller


For smooth stone rollers like jade and rose quartz, we recommend rolling twice a day after cleansing your face. However, this rule is not set in stone and you can roll this facial roller whenever you need a quick soothing session.

As for micro-needling rollers, how often you should use one depends on the length of the needles. If the length of the needle is shorter, you can use your roller every other day, but if the needle is longer, use your roller every four to six weeks. Also, do not forget to replace your roller after 10 to 15 uses.

Do Facial Rollers Really Work


Research has shown that facial rollers really do work and are not just a gimmick after all! Experts say that the gentle massaging motion when using these rollers do effectively stimulate stagnant blood circulation and can help with lymphatic drainage. So getting rid of face swelling is no longer just a dream.

Additionally, facial rollers also do help with smoothening fine lines and wrinkles as the enhanced blood circulation plays a part in plumping up the skin! However, these results are minimal and are not long-term so do not expect miracle results overnight!

Do Facial Rollers Slim Your Face


Facial rollers are touted for its effectiveness in lymphatic drainage, which can lead to slimmer and tighter cheeks. Some people have even reported a sharper jawline thanks to facial rollers! However, the results may vary based on every individual, so do not expect miracle results overnight!

Jade vs Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Experts have claimed that different crystals hold spiritual healing properties and it is no different for jade and rose quartz stones. Jade stones are known to promote balanced energy while rose quartz stones are known to promote self-love and acceptance. 

Spiritual healing properties aside rose quartz and jade facial rollers do share a lot in common and they both help to reduce puffiness and drain lymphatic fluid. The main difference between the two rollers is that rose quartz stones tend to stay cooler longer, while jade stones tend to warm up faster upon contact. 

What’s more, jade stones tend to be less brittle than rose quartz, but you should still treat your rollers with tender-loving care as they are both very fragile!

How Can I Tell if a Jade Roller is Real


Here are some ways you can check to see if your jade roller is the real deal:

  • Clink your jade against a wall or table and observe the sound – if your jade roller is fake, it will sound like plastic beads tapping
  • Check your roller for air bubbles – Jade stones should not have any air bubbles
  • If your jade roller looks too vibrant and does not hold a single imperfection, it is most likely fake
  • Check the density of your roller – Jade stones tend to be heavier than most stones

The number one telltale sign of a fake jade roller is its cheap pricing. So always purchase from a reputable brand and seller, even if the cost may be a little more pricey.