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These Editor-Approved Brightening Skincare Products will Fix your Dull and Tired Skin!

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Everyone wants brighter skin- but how hard is it really to achieve? With all pollutants in the air, skin get get affected easily and get duller over time. Beauty Insider recommends these brightening skincare products contain the best ingredients to fix your dull and tired skin,

BSKIN Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate

With 20% concentration of Vitamin C, this serum is one of our favourties. Vitamin C is a perfect brightener and the concentration ensures deep penetration and intense renewal of skin cells. BSKIN’s “smart skin science” philosophy has revolutionised the way we see Vitamin C serums. Thorough scientific research coupled with the commitment toward including only the most natural ingredients, helps BSKIN stand out as a leader in the skincare industry.

Above all, their results are tried and tested with over 90% of women having more radiant skin. These results prove that “smart skin science” works and can do the same for you. This power-packed serum also helps with ageing skin making it a multi-functional serum. For best apply evenly across the skin in gentle strokes. Use this after an essence for best results.

Skinzkaire Franki Glow Face Oil 

This local brand is committed to catering to individual skin concerns. This essence filled facial oil is the perfect brightening skincare product to add to your skincare routine. Firstly, it contains natural oils such as Jojoba, Rose and Frankincense.

These 100% natural plant seed and pure essential oils are a must have to give your skin that extra glow! Secondly, the high levels of anti-oxidants, are able to firm and moisturise skin to improve skin’s overall appearance and texture daily. For best results use this at night or under makeup in the day time for a dewy finish!

Laneige White Dew Milky Cleanser

White Dew Milky Cleanser
White Dew Milky Cleanser – $34

An underrated product in the Laneige line, this gentle gel like cleanser uses milk to brighten and soften skin. The low-viscosity milky gel texture lathers into creamy foam leaving face clean and refreshed after use. It also contains cleansing ingredients from amino acids, to brighten and hydrate skin over time.

The power-packed combo of Mela-vita Crusher™ and Phyto Sugar Water creates the deal solution for dull skin. Mela-vita Crusher™ is able to improves dark spots and make skin tone more even. On the other hand Phyto Sugar Water replenishes necessary for good skin. This brightening skincare product is an ideal daily cleanser for all skin types.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence
Pixi Rose Caviar Essence – $36

This beautiful essence is not just eye-catching but functional. Pixi’s Rose Caviar Essence is is full of flower oils to nourish and hydrate your skin. Rich with antioxidants such as ylang ylang, rose geranium, and sunflower- this is perfect tool for brightening. The pink flecks are actually flecks of rose that disintegrate into the skin for an extra hydrating effect. For best use, apply this nightly and wake up with a brighter more hydrated complexion ready for the day!