Insider Trends: 10 Best Christmas Makeup Looks In 2021 That Are Perfect For Party

By: Balqis Ariffin / December 21, 2021
Categories : Makeup

At last, it’s the time of the year again that all of us have been anticipating for so long. With our schedule being fully booked with Christmas parties and gatherings, it can only mean one thing, an excuse to glam up. As regular people, we often splurge on makeup products that are somehow left untouched throughout the years. Well, before you judge, know that sometimes the products feature super shimmery and bold shades. Although it will make heads turn in a good way, it is not ideal for everyday looks, especially if you’re going to work. Thanks to Christmas, it is the only time in the year that you can actually channel your inner celebrity look. With the current pandemic situation, some of us might prefer to celebrate this festive season indoors, but trust us whether it’s a virtual party or simply a one on one dinner with your bae, Christmas is not complete unless you don a holiday outfit and full face makeup. Below, Beauty Insider has gathered the best Christmas makeup looks that will surely end your 2021 better.

The Best Christmas Makeup Looks in 2021

1.Full Glam On

Honestly, you can never go wrong with this classic makeup look since it is a staple at any party. A simple bright red lipstick and thick winged eyeliner are enough to make anyone look super gorgeous. If you want to spice up your look, shimmery eyeshadow will help to accentuate your eyes’ features more. Our only advice is to opt for a matte lipstick to avoid the need to retouch throughout the day.

2.Candy Cane Inspired Eyeliner

If you truly want to keep the spirit up, nothing can truly beat the candy cane inspired eyeliner. Okay, we know that it is kinda expected, but it is the perfect representation of the best  Christmas makeup looks in 2021. To complete your overall look, swipe some red lipstick for a finishing touch.

3. 60s Twist

Whenever we hear about the 60s makeup looks, we can’t simply resist admiring Twiggy. If you share the same sentiment like us, you will absolutely love the 60s twist. However instead of creating the classic 60s look, amp it up by including dazzling eyeshadow, fake lashes and neon winged eyeliner. 

4. Sky Blue

If you want to make your eyes pop, bold and bright eyeshadow is your answer. Well, to be precise, we’re talking about a shade of blue. However, to ensure that the eye makeup is long lasting, pay extra attention to the base. One pro tip is to apply the eyeshadow after a white base. 

5.Glossy Pout

Our list of the best Christmas makeup looks in 2021 is not complete without any gloss lips. If you’re a lip gloss addict or simply prefer to keep it minimal, a swipe of lip gloss is all you need. However, we recommend you take it to the next level by donning a lip gloss that is formulated with plumping and nourishing formula. 

6. Green Twins

Inspired by pine trees and all the subtle scents that remind us of holidays, it is only right that we recreate a makeup look as a nod to the Christmas celebration. If you’re one of those few people that are blessed with green eyes, this makeup look will truly complement your features. Whether you prefer matte or glitter green eyeshadow, they will look stunning on you. 

7. Blush All Over

Personally, the brush all over is one of our favourite Christmas makeup looks in 2021. Instead of focusing more on contour, we suggest that you use blush as a way to sculpt your face and accentuate the features. Besides, it is perfect to attain an ethereal and whimsical look while

8. Two Tone Shades

If you think a single eyeshadow pot is too plain and boring, we dare you to try out the two tone shades. Unlike other Christmas makeup looks, you need to use different shades for both upper and lower eyelids. We strongly recommend that you opt for a shimmery finish since it helps to alleviate your eyes more.

9. Natural Look

Although Christmas is all about glamming up your look with a dazzling outfit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can opt for minimal and natural makeup. Trust us, it is not only easy and simple to recreate but you will certainly look gorgeous too. One pro tip is to use a foundation that delivers a satin finish for dewy looking skin. 

10. Graphic Eyeliner

Since graphic eyeliner is all over the place now and trending, it is a perfect time to show your makeup skills at a Christmas party. A black liner is classic and minimal, ideal for those who want to tone it down. But if you want to look extra glamorous, make sure to use a neon shade. 

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