Which Contouring Treatment is Best for You? Check out Citispa’s 3 Step Figure Transformation

Categories : Slimming

There are numerous spa treatments to help you slim, contour and shape your body, but few are as simple and relaxing as Citispa’s 3-Step wonder that promises to break down fat, firm up the skin and reshape your figure.

Maintaining an excellent diet and exercise routine can be difficult, so it’s a good thing some of the latest technology used by Citispa can help you on your slimming mission. The treatment is non-invasive and focuses on soothing and rejuvenating the body.

The first step is to break down fat in a 20-minute steam bath known as the Thermal fat burn. The session also helps improve lymphatic drainage and relaxes sore or tight muscles. The second step is the 517 LipoSLIM treatment, which uses ultrasound to help create a slimmer figure. Finally, it’s time to contour your body. Citispa’s Cellutone Contouring Treatment is a 35-minute deep tissue massage specifically designed to reduce cellulite and create contours.

To find out more, contact Citispa Suite near you and get on your way to a shapelier silhouette. List of locations across the island can be found here.

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