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4 of the Best Eye Serum for tired, puffy eyes (see and feel the difference!)

Get brighter, younger-looking eyes with our top three eye creams from the Beauty Insider 2016 Beauty Awards.

Aestier by Dr’s Secret Eye Cream

Aestier Eye Serum Cream

This award-winning eye cream fights puffiness and fine lines with a powerful blend of peptides and 7 botanical extracts.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and the first to show any signs of ageing. Aestier Eye Cream helps restore your skin’s strength and suppleness. The plant extracts like grape seed, jojoba and safflower oil are full of antioxidants that fight off free radical damage and heal the skin. It also contains proprietory blend of growth factors ( which gently inhibit muscles, thus reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles without losing facial expressions ) that mimic peptides and boost skin cell renewal. This minimises fine lines and restore skin elasticity and suppleness.

Many women struggle with dark circles. These are actually light reflecting off blood vessels under the skin. Aestier Eye Cream boosts collagen production so the circles aren’t so prominent. It also contains caffeine extracts to stimulate circulation.

All in all, this is a very effective all-in-one eye cream that addresses all your eye concerns. To find out more about their skin products or where to find them in Singapore, click Here.

This product is a winner of Beauty and Wellness Awards 2016, see video Here.


 Christian Breton Liftox

Daily facial movements like winking, squinting and blinking create dermo-creases that deepen creases in the delicate eye area. Liftox relaxes and re-plumps the skin. Bye bye, fine lines and crepey eyelids!

This eye serum works a lot like Botox. It uses peptides, caviar extracts, and collagens that relax the skin fibres. Hyaluronic acid holds in moisture.

Together, these ingredients help repair the skin and smooth out fine lines. Liftox can also help relieve puffiness, thanks to the ball applicator.

Many of the beauty reviewers said that Liftox is now the favourite part of their skincare routine!  “It’s so relaxing and feels so cool against my eyes. I really look forward to it especially when I haven’t had much sleep.” Another said that she liked how it didn’t feel greasy and can be used under makeup. “I apply this before concealer and I don’t get any creasing problems at all.”

This product is a winner of Beauty and Wellness Awards 2016, see video Here.


Christian Breton Eye Anti-Fatigue Gel

This eye gel will refresh and lift tired eyes! It contains algae extracts that boost elasticity to fight fine lines. A blend of plant extracts also relax and refresh your skin. It’s perfect when your eyes are under significant strain – while working at a computer, driving, or staying out until very late. In fact, this is a very popular product among flight attendants who have to go on long-haul plane rides!

The eye serum doesn’t feel greasy and is easily absorbed. Apply it in the morning to brighten your eyes, and in the evening to relax and decongest. You can also use it anytime in the day when your eyes feel tired.

Christian Breton Liftox and Anti-Fatigue are part of Christian Breton’s Eye Priority Range, which uses cryotherapy to fight fine lines and dark circles. To find out more about their eye products or where to find them in Singapore, go to www.besolution.com.sg

This product is a winner of Beauty and Wellness Awards 2016, see video Here.


CNP Laboratory Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch

This is one of our favourite treatments after a long week. The 4-in-1 hydrogel eye mask brightens, repairs, firms and hydrates. It’s infused with Vitamins C, E, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid that all work their magic while you rest your eyes.

Just peel off the backing and press right under your eyes. Unlike many eye patches, this isn’t dripping with liquid so it’s not messy to use at all. The thick gel clings to your skin and is absorbed exactly where you need it.

It comes in small sachets that are easy to pack when you travel and need quick relief on long flights or to fight the signs of jetlag.

This product is a winner of Beauty and Wellness Awards 2016, see video Here.


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