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These Eyelash Extensions look like your Lashes, but Better!

Get natural-looking eyelash extensions at Graceous Salon! It’s earned quite a reputation for its customized lashes and skilled Japanese stylists, who take great care in creating a look that enhances your natural eye shape. The rave reviews from happy customers say it all. “Professional and meticulously done!” says Joanne Khi.

The problem with “falsies”

If you’ve ever worn false eyelashes, you know how much time it takes to apply every morning, and how uncomfortable they can feel during the day! And the problem with false eyelashes is that they look false. That’s fine if you want a dramatic look for a party, but most of us want a very subtle and natural look for work or school. And who has time to apply individual lashes every morning?

Looks like your lashes – but better!

Graceous Salon offers a convenient alternative to applying false eyelashes every day. Their team of skilled Japanese stylists apply the eyelash extensions one by one. They also pick the length and curl of the lashes based on your eyeshape and the look you want to achieve.

  • J Curl Lashes have a subtle curl. These blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. It’s the same
    look you’d get by curling your lashes and applying several coats of thickening mascara – but you
    never have to worry about smudges or smears!
  • C-Curl Lashes are more curved, and can make your eyes look rounder, wider and more feminine.
    These are perfect for people with small or almond-shaped eyes. If you love the “doll look” this is
    for you! Rock these lashes with colored contacts and eyeliner.
  • L-Curl Lashes are curved at angle, forming an “L”. if your eyelashes point downwards, these
    eyelash extensions will give you that instant lift that opens up your eyes.

The art of customized lashes

Graceous Salon takes great pride in a team of Japanese eyelash artists who have extensive training, experience and skill. They know how to do eyelash extensions safely and correctly, and use only medical-grade adhesive. Tour lashes aren’t damaged, your eyes aren’t irritated, and the final result looks beautiful and natural.

The proof is in the feedback given by bloggers. “Extremely, extremely natural lashes that look just like my own, but prettier, longer, and fuller!” says blogger Yina Goh of Yina Goes.

Safety first – choose a good Singapore eyelash salon!

Doctors warn against going to disreputable eyelash salons. Risks include unsterilized equipment or improperly applied eyelash glue, which can cause lashes to break or interfere with blinking (causing dry eyes and discomfort). Graceous Salon only uses the best materials and employs experienced stylists, and you know that they have gotten good customer feedback from bloggers and regular customers alike!

Setting eyelash extension trends

Graceous Salon’s customized lashes can help you achieve a very natural look, but if you want something more trendy, they also offer colored lashes and silk or mink lashes for a three-dimensional effect.

Book your appointment at Graceous Salon

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