Best Eyeliners That Won’t Budge for Newbies to Experts

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Buying eyeliners that smudge or run is never fun. No one wants to look like they were crying when it was just a case of oily eyelids or a very hot day. With Singapore’s notoriously humid weather, it is important to find an eyeliner that can stand up to it. Whether you are just a newbie at makeup or a master, here are Beauty Insider’s best eyeliners.

Skill level: Newbie

Shaky hands? Go for pencil eyeliners. These are the most forgiving when you apply. Here is how to apply it: Rest you hand on your cheek and your elbow on a sturdy surface. Then slowly draw from the middle of the lid going out. Go back and line from the inner corner to the center. Ta-dah!

Try the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner, the best pencil eyeliner. It is easy to apply—a requirement for the skill level—and it does not budge! It is sweatproof, waterproof, basically, bulletproof!

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Skill level: Mid-level Beauty Know-How

The Heroine Make Colour Gel Eyeliner applies like a pencil but is very smooth so it can be tricky if your hands are not steady. The formula is great and it carries hyaluronic acid, collagen, panthenol, and chamomile which hydrates skin. It dries quickly after applying so it will not move nor smudge after that. It is one of the best waterproof eyeliners.

Another beauty tip: Eye makeup products made in Japan, like this one, often perform very well because of stiff competition.

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Skill level: Beauty Guru

Liht Organics Dusk to Dawn Liquid Eyeliner is a Beauty Insider award-winner. Just as the name suggests, you can take this from dawn till dusk or from dusk till dawn, depending on your lifestyle because it is smudge proof. Ladies with sensitive skin will love that it is 70% USDA certified organic and free from harsh chemicals. Do not worry about washing it off though, because removing it is a breeze. It will not leave residue.

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Skill level: Makeup Expert

If you are confident in your skills and can rival your favorite beauty vlogger, go for the blackest black in the most difficult to control formula, liquid. Your expertise will probably keep you from making any mistakes, even when creating a wing tip.

The Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner does what it says—it stays all day! Even after work hours. It can last through your workout! Who says you need to leave your favorite cat eyes when you are at the gym or jogging with your friends? This eyeliner just will not quit. You can get that sharp eyeliner that gives your eyes definition, even after a good sweat session.

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