This Face Mask helps you look Younger And Fresher in no time!

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Developed by top medical researchers in Japan, this hi-tech mask is engineered with purified Atelo collagen protein – which is a water-soluble form of collagen that supposedly penetrates into skin cells easily, to boost collagen levels in skin.

Atelo collagen protein is extracted from the skin of fish and is touted to moisturise skin, smoothen wrinkles, reduce eye bags and minimise pores. This mask also contains chitin, a moisturising agent made from seaweed extract and this forms a protective film on skin to capture moisture and maintain healthy-looking skin. Squalene, another anti-ageing compound, helps to keep skin soft and radiant.

Each face mask, in the form of a gel sheet, is sealed individually in a capsule to keep it fresh. To use it, add two drops of water using a dropper, stir until an egg-white consistency is achieved and apply to face. Leave on for 20 to 40 minutes, then peel, rub or wash the mask off.

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