Best Facial Oils In Singapore And Why You Need To Start Using Them

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 29, 2021
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When it comes to moisturizing beauty products we tend to think of moisturizers, serums and hydro boosts. But let’s focus on another key product when your skin requires extra glowy goodness – and that is facial oils!

On a spectrum, you either love them or think they are unnecessary, but let’s give a brief rundown on why you need to start implementing them into your routine. There are many benefits you can gain from facial oils. They create an extra protective layer for your skin and give your skin a radiant lit-from-within glow.

Some of you might go, “Wait, wait, wait- I have oily skin, so why would I want to put more oil on my face?” and it’s understandable in theory. However, facial oils are actually great even for oily skin! This is because the oils help balance out oil and sebum production in the skin. 

In fact, face oils are so amazing as they are designed to mingle with the natural oils in your face that helps maintain the water level. Most facial oils are formulated with plant-based ingredients so you’re feeding your skin with all that nutritious goodness, which trust us, your skin is very thankful for.

Wondering where to start on your facial oil journey? Worry not because we’ve gathered the best facial oils in Singapore for you try out!

What is Facial Oil?

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Facial oil is a form of emollient that helps to complement the skin’s natural oil. It is usually derived from different part of plants such as flowers, roots, leaves and the stem. Primarily face oil functions to lock in the moisture, leaving your skin glowing and healthy.

What are the Benefits of Facial Oil?

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You might be thinking is facial oil worth the hype? Well, there’s a reason why face oil has gathered a cult of its own. We have listed the benefits of using face oil.

  • Fortifies the skin barrier
  • Retains moisture in the skin
  • Hydrates and softens the skin
  • Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Delivers a glowy and healthy complexion
  • Ensures a smooth application of foundation

How to Apply Facial Oil?

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Pour a few drops of face oil on your palm. Then pat it and glide it gently across your face. Most importantly when it comes to applying face oil correctly, you need to use the whole hand.

12 Best Facial Oils in Singapore

1. Essano Certified Organic Radiance Facial Oil

The Essano Certified Organic Radiance Facial Oil is packed with pure organic goodness. Their BioEssential Complex consists of Billberry, Lingon Berry and Procaxi Seed Oil which are immensely beneficial to the skin for improving overall radiance and texture. The facial oil’s potent concentration of antioxidants and vitamins will undoubtedly help your skin achieve a youthful glow in no time.

Price: $29.95

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2. Samaya Ayurveda Pitta Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil

If you are trying to combat or slow down the process of ageing, we recommend this facial oil by Samaya Ayurveda. The oil is a beautiful blend of concentrated Ayurvedic botanicals and scientifically proven active ingredients that fight and targets signs of ageing.

The facial oils absorb instantly into the skin to give you a quick flip to radiant skin while the scent of it is said to bring calmness and a deep sense of tranquillity.

Price: $210.00 (get it at $168.00 and save 20% when you shop at Insider Mall!)

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3. Holisticway Holista Restorativ Pure Vitamin E Oil

Need something a little strong to penetrate deep into the crevices of your skin? This intensive formula is for a big boost of hydration for your skin. Suitable for also sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. The oil will help moisturise and repair your skin overall.

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4. Want Skincare The Face Oil

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include one of our winners, Want Skincare The Face Oil! This award-winning facial oil will be your little secret to getting that beautiful glow you’ve always wanted. In addition, this oil is packed with Vitamins A, C, E and essential fatty acids that help to repair and protect our skin from free-radical damage. Now go get that glow girl!

Price: $69.00

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5. Essano Collagen Boost Facial Oil

If you want a good facial oil that boosts collagen production, then the Essano Collagen Boost Facial Oil is the one for you! It’s formulated with Schisandra Chinensis Berry and Rosehip oil to give you intense hydration and firm up your skin in only 8 weeks!

The ingredients used have been clinically proven to improve the elasticity and overall firmness in your skin by up to 28%, ensuring to give a bouncier and more youthful appearance.

Price: $29.95

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6. Juliette Armand Vitality Dry Oil

Rich in Omegas 3, 6, 9, and a beautiful mixture of oils from Avocado Oil, Mallow Oil, Chia Oil and more. The Juliette Armand Vitality Dry Oil is a stunning facial oil for all skin types including sensitive skin. The formula is tasked to repair the skin barrier while reducing skin sensitivity and instead improves microcirculation in your skin.

Price: $108.00

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7. Samaya Ayurveda Vata Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil

Suitable for all skin types, this oil is perfect for those who need extra nourishment through a moisturising oil blend of organic and active anti-ageing ingredients. The formula is an infusion of Ayurvedic botanicals which are great ingredients with benefits from antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and promoting skin repair.

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8. Esse Probiotic Protect Oil

Formulated with Ximenia Oil that helps shield skin like a coat of armor, the Esse Probiotic Protect Oil is an all-round great facial oil mixture for sensitive to normal skin types. Aside from nourishing and hydrating the skin, it will also promote the rejuvenation of skin proteins such as collagen and elastin.

Made to form a layer to protect the skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants, this facial oil effectively boosts blood flow when you massage it gently onto your skin.

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9. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Noni Glow Face Oil

Do you want to attain youthful skin just like Miranda Kerr? Formulated with certified organic noni extract, pomegranate oil, rosehip oil and seabuckthorn oil, this face oil is packed with antioxidants ingredients. With its lightweight consistency, it quickly absorbs into the skin to help nourish and brighten the skin. In addition, it also helps to fade the scars, plump up the skin and minimise the signs of damaged skin. You’ll notice that your skin is more radiant and healthy with regular applications. 

Price: $87.00. Available at Sephora.

10. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

With 4-star ratings on Sephora, the beauty community swear by the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil which is known as the holy grail to minimizes the signs of aging. This night oil features blue tansy and German chamomile essential oils to soothe and calm the skin. On top of that, it contains retinol to reverse the signs of aging and minimizes the appearance of pores. With its powerful blend of botanical ingredients and retinol, you will be waking up to a radiant and youthful complexion.

Price: $153.00. Available at Sephora.

11. BYBI Beauty Strawberry Booster

BYBI Beauty Strawberry Booster is packed with 100% natural strawberry seed oil to increase the skin’s moisture level and helps to smooth out the skin. This vegan and cruelty-free face oil protect the skin from environmental stressors including harmful rays and pollution. So, if you have dry or dull skin grab this face oil asap as it’ll do wonders to your skin.

Price: $23.00. Available at Sephora.

12. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Face Oil

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Face Oil is a cult favorite that contains all the essential ingredients that you need to attain a radiant and flawless-looking complexion. This non-comedogenic face oil is loaded with 10 powerful blends of pure oils to deeply hydrate the skin. In addition, retinol and vitamin C brightens the skin tone and improve the texture of the skin. The formula is created to absorb quickly into the skin and the Cetesomate Complex ensures that the nutrients are delivered into the deepest layers of the skin.

Price: $29.90. Available at Watsons.

Author: Nina Shahriman