If you are constantly looking at the fringe styles of your favorite celebrities or Instagram influencers, here is a quick guide to help. Bangs are a great way to freshen up a haircut without drastic changes. Should you get side bangs? Chop it off and go for short hair with bangs, or grow it for long hair with bangs? Here are the hairstyles with bangs best suited for your face shape:

Round Face Shape
Try: Side Bangs

Actually, whatever your face shape is, side bangs is a great way to get a new look. It is universally flattering. But for ladies with round face shapes, the side bangs gives your face a bit of length. Side bangs can help make your face look a bit slimmer too.

Oval Face Shape
Try: Soft full fringe

The goal of getting bangs is to help your face resemble the “perfect” shape, which is the oval. So ladies with an oval shape, or more length than a round shape with a soft chin, are lucky. Practically anything will work on you!

Try a soft full fringe. This looks especially great with long hair. You can tie it up in a ponytail or a bun for work, or let it all down straight or in beach waves for social events.

Heart Face Shape
Try: Crescent Bangs

If your face is wider at the forehead and sharp at the chin area, you are considered to have the heart face shape. (Imagine a heart, basically!) You can bring balance by asking for crescent bangs or a full fringe that is longer at the edges and shorter in the middle. Style is by tucking the edges behind both ears and creating an “A shape”. This also helps with balancing your forehead and your chin.

Long Face Shape
Try: Outgrown Bangs

Born with a long forehead, or what is now termed as a fivehead (it’s more than a forehead so it’s a fivehead, get it?)? Bring the attention back to your gorgeous eyes and lips by distracting people from your forehead with grown out bangs. Blunt, micro bangs will just accentuate your long forehead so it’s important that the length of your bangs is somewhere around your eyebrows or your eyelids.

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