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Why You Should Never Spray Perfume in Your Hair!

By: / August 5, 2019
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Singapore’s heat can get frustrating and smelly as well! After a long day of sweating and going in and out of an air-conditioned room, hair can start to smell. Though it might be tempting to spritz your favourite fragrance on, perfume is a terrible a idea. Beauty Insider recommends using a hair mist instead to solve your stinky woes!

Why is Perfume Bad?


Perfume is not necessarily bad, it is just not the greatest idea for your hair. Because most perfumes contain alcohol, when sprayed in hair, perfumes tend to be drying on hair strands. With time, hair strands can become brittle and cause breakage or further hair damage.

Your Hair can Smell Worse!


Regular perfumes are not designed to mix with hair odours well. Spraying scented perfumes into hair can create a concoction that is less than pleasant!

But my Hair still Stinks!


Hair Mists are the perfect answer for smelly hair! Use one that does not contain alcohol and does not damage your scalp as well! It is best to avoid artificial fragrances and ingredients that can stick in your hair even after shampooing.

Best Hair Mist – My Haircare Hair Mist

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This lightweight non-sticky texture is the perfect solution for your stinky hair woes! Not only that My Haircare Hair Mist acts as a protectant against harmful free radicals in the atmosphere. This hair mist was awarded Best Hair Mist in our recent Beauty Awards 2019. It is free of fragrances, oil or Parabens and is made from 100% natural ingredients. Furthermore, this popular hair mist also helps with tackling frizzy hair and other problem associated with Singapore’s humidity! Fresh smelling hair is just a spritz away!

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