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Hydrating Skincare Products in Singapore : Combat Dry Skin Overnight!

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Everyone seems to be searching for the fountain of youth. However, people simply do not realise how accessible it truly is. The answer to clearer, smoother skin is: moisturising! Hydration is not the same as moisturising and moisturising requires a more in-depth approach using ingredients that are biomimetic. Beauty Insider does a deep dive into moisture so we can give you the ultimate guide to hydrating your skin!

Skin Concerns Associated to Dehydrated Skin

Many skin problems can actually be quickly fixed with an added jolt of hydration. Hydration can even alleviate premature signs of ageing or other random skin breakouts that are not common to your particular skin type.

“A good test is to pinch your cheek. If it’s wrinkling with gentle pressure instead of holding its shape, your skin cells are desperate for water.”

Tata Harper – Founder & Mogul of Tata Harper Skincare

Some quick problems associated with dehydrated skin are:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Makeup does not apply smoothly
  • Itchy skin, prone to irritation
  • Darker, sunken in eyes or puffy eyes
  • Dull complexion and rough texture
  • Dry skin, particularly lips
  • Too much sebum production from pore glands

These problems indicate that skin is dehydrated and in severe need of hydration. In the long run, dry skin leads to weaker skin. Hence, the skin will be unable to repair and rejuvenate itself. The skin in this state will be easily prone to lasting and long term damage. Some of which can be irreversible. So best to get ahead of your skin problems while you still can!

Hydration is NOT Moisturising

Moisturising products not only add water to your skin. It also helps create an environment that is suitable for creams and serums to penetrate deeper into pores. However, hydrating products hold on to water allowing other skincare products to work even better. These products do not just retain moisture they also release moisture throughout the day. This prevents the skin from getting more tired or dehydrated as the day goes on.

The best kind of hydration is one that is biomimetic. This fancy word mainly means that it mimics functions that already exist in the skin layer. For example, skin cells have the power to repair themselves. By adding pimple cream or AHA rich serums helps to speed up the process that already naturally exists in skin.

The Best Biomimetic for Moisturising

As mentioned early, dehydration is one of the leading causes of ageing skin. Though there are many ingredients that can help with the anti-ageing process we would like to prioritise these 2:

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

The brand new buzzword in ageing skincare is ATP. ATP is an active ingredient that has biomimetic properties. ATP is manufactured on a daily basis and the skin produces it when it needs to. Skincare products that contain ATP combat the appearance of tired, dehydrated skin common among mature skin types.

Acids Love Moisture Too!

Hyaluronic Acid

Most are no stranger to Hyaluronic Acid. However, do you know how power-packed it really is?

  • Smoother, Clearer Skin
  • Heal Broken Skin
  • Most Intense Moisturiser

Top Skin Hydrating Products

Here are some hydrating products that you can incorporate into your skincare regime:

Nila Leave-On Hydrating Mask

Nila’s Leave-On Hydrating Mask is formulated with one of nature’s best-kept secret. It has healing and therapeutic benefits of the Rose Otto and Helichrysum Essential oils. Ultimately, this hydrating mask helps nourish, balance and rejuvenate your skin to its optimal health.

Not only that, this mask can be used during the day, as well as night. When you use it during the day, it gives your skin a much firmer and supple look. On the other hand, when you use it at night, it allows your skin to relax and regenerate overnight. This product also prides itself in providing therapeutic benefits to the user.

Infused in this hydrating product is the Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil and the Helichrysum Essential Oil. These essential oils not only pampers your skin but also calms your skin as it has nourishing and anti-ageing properties. Additionally, it also helps in fading your scars.

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Price: $88.00

Where to buy: Nila Singapore

Ask Me Now : +65 90694205

Rooki Beauty Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops

The Circadian Fixer Hydro Drops by Rooki Beauty ultimately targets the imbalance of the skin caused by the lack of sleep. For instance, the redness, inflammation and dehydration of the skin. Not only that, the serum contains ingredients such as Seaweed, Chardonnay Grapes, Caffeine and Glucosyl Hesperidin. These ingredients work together to reduce the effects of exhaustion by increasing the microcirculation in the skin.

What you will find interesting is, the serum contains eight different kinds of seaweed. These seaweeds are harvested from the coastlines of Japan. Not only that but, this serum is one that is tailored to the humid Singaporean climate. Why? Because the texture of the serum is as light as water. Therefore, making it easier and faster to be absorbed into the depths of the skin. Hence, not allowing your skin to feel greasy at all!

Price: $68.00

Where to buy: Retailed at Design Orchard – 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905 / Shop Online HERE

Celmonze Marine Hydration Essence

Celmonze’s Marine Hydration Essence is a power-packed formula that does not just moisturise skin. It re-energises cells using ATP (mentioned above) to accelerate replenishment and rejuvenation at the cellular level. The difference with Celmonze is that it uses Marine ATP Cellular Energizer. This amazing ingredient provides 3x more hydration that lasts for longer and reaches deeper into the skin. Expect plump skin and a clearer complexion with this!

The product is extremely lightweight and is silky when applied. Skin texture is immediately tighter and stays hydrated. When tested with a moisture thermometer skin can be seen to retain moisture added from the essence. By harnessing the natural properties of plankton in marine life, skin is fresher and appears smoother with prolonged use. For best results apply with a daily moisturiser and a nighttime moisturiser.

Price: $158.00

Where to buy:

Celmonze The Signature – Heartland Mall Kovan
Heartland Mall Kovan, 205, Hougang Street 21, #03-10 Singapore 530205.

Celmonze The Signature – Tampines Outlet
Blk 406, Tampines Street 41 #01-19, Singapore 520406

Celmonze The Signature – Rivervale Mall
11, Rivervale Crescent, Rivervale Mall #02-01j Singapore 545082

Pixi Hydrating Milky Serum

This hydrating milky serum by Pixi gives your skin a revitalising boost. It also hydrates your skin as well as improves its elasticity. The texture of this serum is silky smooth and lightweight. That texture allows the serum to provide the skin with the hydration it needs without it feeling heavy on the skin.

Not only that, infused in the serum is Rose Flower Extract, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Glycerin. These ingredients trap the moisture in the skin giving it a plumped effect. What’s even better is that this serum can be used on all types of skin. Additionally, the product is cruelty-free and paraben-free.

Price: $39.00

Where to buy: Sephora Singapore

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum

This Rich Moist Soothing Serum by Klairs is made for soothing and calming sensitive skin. How it does that is, it lowers the surface temperature as it completely hydrates your skin. Not only that, this vegan-friendly serum is specially formulated for those with dry, itchy, unbalanced and acne-prone skin. Additionally, it also works well on those who constantly have easily heated and skin. Overall, if you are easily allergic to skincare products due to your skin’s sensitivity, then this serum is just the one for you!

Price: $36.90

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

This award-winning mask is one that provides your skin with hydration and a beautiful glow. It is a sleep-in mask that hydrates as well as clarifies the skin. Other than that, this mask is enriched with nutrients from the deep-sea waters of Japan, Soybean extracts and Hyaluronic Acid. This is for a much easier and luxurious treatment to your skin. Additionally, as the mask formula absorbs into the skin quickly, you would not have to worry about creating a mess that will ruin your sheets.

Price: $116.00

Where to buy: Sephora Singapore

Tarte Drink Of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer

Give your skin the much-needed drink it needs with this hydrating moisturiser. This is a vegan gel aims to soothe and refresh your skin. Not only that, but it is also infused with hyaluronic acid and electrolyte-balancing sea salts. In addition to that, this non-greasy formula is lightweight. Hence, it quickly gets absorbed into the skin without weighing it down.

Price: $65.00

Where to buy: Sephora Singapore


Created with an inverse micellar technology that infuses saffron-filled water droplets into a blend of five natural oils, this anti-aging essence is formulated with the precious saffron pistil of the crocus flower.

Sourced from the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, this particular species is highly concentrated in skin-regenerating glycans that soothe the skin as they fight free radicals. Lipid-replenishing, this oil was developed specifically to nourish parched skin

Price: $269

Where to buy : For more information about the product, click here.


With a silky-fine texture, this ultra-moisturising face cream penetrates easily into the skin to offer immediate relief from tightness and dryness. Containing Katafray bark extract which reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier to defend it from dehydration and pollutants, the nourishing formula also includes Sorbier bud extract to improve radiance and Clarins’s exclusive Hyaluronic Acid Complex which restores the skin’s moisture reserves and provides comfort for irritated skin.

Price: $83

For more information about the product, click here.


Infused with 50% pure rosewater and petals from an average of 2 ½ roses per jar, this fragrant hydrating and toning mask restores radiance and keeps skin supple with soothing efficacy.

In a cooling gel formula, it contains cucumber extract and aloe vera to quickly reduce inflammation and calm the skin, as well as antioxidant-rich green tea to brighten and protect. Porphyridium cruentum, a “smart” algae, delivers optimum moisture.

Price: $95

For more information about the product, click here.


Made with pure snow water to give skin vitality and clarity, this deeply-hydrating overnight mask is also enriched with Beta-glucan, naturally-occurring polysaccharides that keep skin healthy. The inclusion of Recoverine―an exfoliating chestnut extract―promotes cell turnover, while Hunza apricot extract provides powerful antioxidant effect. What’s more, the brand’s trademarked Sleepscent blend of aromatic essential oils (orange flower, rose, ylang ylang and sandalwood) offers relaxation and reparation.

Price: $45

For more information about the product, click here.


The hallmark of Kiehl’s, this 24- hour daily moisturiser might have a lightweight texture but is highly effective, thanks to its unique combination of ingredients that draws and retains moisture, while reducing moisture loss. Its key ingredients include Antarcticine, a glacial glycoprotein extract that promotes resistance to dryness whilst shielding against free-radicals; and Imperata Cylindrica, a desert plant with high concentrations of potassium that provide an immediate and lasting hydrating effect.

Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle and Pore Reducing Cream was also featured as one of our picks for Moisturisers That Nourish Your Skin.

Price: $48

For more information about the product, click here.