11 Best Massage Oils in Singapore That’ll Elevate Your Relaxation

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You’d probably want to relax and unwind on a Friday night, after a long week of work with a massage session with you and your partner. The key to a relaxing massage is the oil that is used to massage and knead your body. Hence, Beauty Insider puts together a list of some of the best massage oils in Singapore that will level-up your massage game! 😉

Mt. Sapola Body Contour Massage Oil

This massage oil by Mt. Sapola is a scented oil that works effectively on your entire body, especially parts of your body that has cellulite. Which is also why this oil is called a Body Contour Massage Oil. The extracts that are infused in this oil contain extracts that help burn away your unwanted and excess fats without the need of having a liposuction procedure. These active ingredients aid in keeping your body shape firm and intact. Not only that, but this massage oil is also a hoot amongst women who have recently given birth to help them keep their body in shape!

Price: $55.90

Where to buy: Mt. Sapola Singapore

The Body Shop Spa Of The World Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil

This Thai lemongrass massage oil helps untangle the stubborn knots in your body. As it is infused with lemongrass, this massage oil is also known to help destress your mind and body with its healing and therapeutic scent. Additionally, it also aids in relieving bad muscle pain, arthritis and joint pain that then leads to improving and stimulating better blood flow in your body.

Price: $31.00

Where to buy: The Body Shop Singapore

Now Foods Grapeseed Oil Pure

When you think about applying oil to skin that is acne-prone, it can sound scary. However, with this pure grapeseed oil helps regulate oil production in your body and face, fight acne and reduce scars. Also, this oil is lightweight, non-comedogenic and gentle for those looking to improve their complexion for the better.

Price: $9.00

Where to buy: Shopee Singapore

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Noni Glow Body Oil

If you’re ideally looking to achieve much softer skin or even glowing skin, then this massage oil is definitely the way to go. This massage oil by Kora Organics is formulated with noni extract, vitamin E and rosehip oil. These ingredients aid in combating against ageing, stretch marks, dull and dry skin. Not only that, but this massage oil is also suitable for all skin types. Well, Miranda Kerr did come through with this product! 😍🤗

Price: $87.00

Where to buy: Sephora Singapore

Hysses Eucalyptus Rosemary Massage Oil

Formulated with jojoba oil, ginger, peppermint extract and rice bran oil, this massage oil works by moisturising your skin and alleviating muscle pain. This oil works better than any muscle rub out there. To add on, the ginger-infused in this oil gives off a natural warmth which also helps promote a better blood circulation that relieves sore muscles.

Price: $23.90

Where to buy: Hysses Singapore

To Be Calm Massage and Body Oil

With the infusion of lemongrass, grapefruit and ginger, this massage oil will help in uplifting your body and refreshing your spirit. Not only that, but this massage oil also compromises of essential oils from Australia like coconut oil, macadamia oil and almond oil. Additionally, with cocoa butter and shea butter infused in this massage oil, it makes your skin feel more hydrated and moisturised.

Price: $32.00

Where to buy: Shopee Singapore

Vasse Virgin Therapeutic Olive Bath and Massage Oil

This olive oil massage oil helps in moisturising, nourishing, rejuvenating and hydrating your skin while you enjoy your massage. Also, it is formulated with macadamia, almond and hemp seed oil that aids in skin repair whilst moisturising your dry skin.

Price: $25.30

Where to buy: Glovida Singapore

The Body Shop Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil

This massage oil by The Body Shop will take you to a relaxing and stress-free zone. It is infused with French Lavender essential oil that induces a calming and sedative effect to help you feel at ease. What’s more is that it also contains sweet almond oil, as well as sesame seed oil to nourish and moisturise your skin!

Price: $31.00

Where to buy: The Body Shop Singapore

Bath and Bloom Thai Jasmine Massage Oil

Relax and unwind with this Thai Jasmine Massage Oil from Bath and Bloom as it helps you relieve stress as well as moisturise your skin. Also, Thai Jasmine is famous for helping improve your mood and make you feel positive and healthy. Not only that, but Jasmine oils also contain benefits like helping soothe your nerves, producing confidence, optimism and euphoria. What we love most about these massage oils is that it helps improve your skin by decreasing signs of ageing and making your skin much healthier.

Price: $49.90

Where to buy: Bath & Bloom Singapore

SheaMoisture Lavender and Wild Orchid Bath, Body and Massage Oil

One of the best massage oils that is infused with lavender and shea butter that aids in calming and soothing your skin. Additionally, the wild orchard extract that is infused also helps in hydrating your skin whilst leaving a delicate fragrance scent. On the other hand, the lavender oil helps in protecting your skin against quick ageing. What’s really unique about this massage oil is that it does not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy, neither does it cause acne or breakouts.

Price: $31.60

Where to buy: Shopee Singapore

SR Naturals Pure Avacado Oil

This is one of the ideal massage oils for saggy skin and stretch marks! This multi-purpose avocado oil makes the perfect massage oil as it has a high content of healthy fats along with antioxidants that is able to penetrate your skin and moisturise it. What’s more is that, even if you have skin concerns like eczema, acne, sun-damaged skin or dehydrated skin, this oil does not clog your pores neither does it cause you breakouts. Not only can it be used as a massage oil, but it can be used on your hair and nails as well!

Price: $19.39

Where to buy: iHerb Singapore