12 Best Pomades In Singapore To Turn Into A Gentleman

By: Cherelle Lim / April 2, 2021
Categories : Hair

Looking for ways to spice up your hair? Maybe it’s getting a little out of control and you just want to calm it down. Make yourself look more presentable! This one is for all the guys out there who need some help styling their hair. Don’t worry guys, Beauty Insider hasn’t forgotten about you! We see you and this time, we are looking at the best pomades in Singapore to amp up your style! Look sleek, clean and boss-like. Time to slay in the best possible way! 

What are Pomades

For those that don’t know, pomades are basically a substance that is greasy, water-based or waxy. Pomades are a hair product that helps to style your hair! They usually have the ability to help make the hair look shinier and slick. It’s a long-lasting hair care product, unlike hair products such as wax and gels. Although, pomades can be difficult to find as they are generally produced by unknown brands. 

The benefits of using a pomade include its ability to not harden like hair gels. It also allows you to reshape your hair multiple times a day. Even though you touch or restyle your hair a lot, pomades are still able to keep your hair in place! They also don’t flake as much like hair sprays and wax by the end of the day. Even though it gives your hair more shine, it does so at the cost of a lesser hold on your hair. 

1. Reuzel Red


Argued to be one of the best on the market by barbers, the Reuzel Red has a water-soluble formula. This non-drying pomade helps hold your hair with a shine! Its strength is flexible as it wholly depends on the state of your hair. The dryer your hair is, the stronger it will hold your hair! 

Price: $53.95

Where to buy: Cosmetics Now

2.  Imperial – Classic Pomade


Suitable for all types of hair, the Imperial Classic Pomade is quite similar to the Reuzel Red. With a refreshing scent of watermelon, this pomade has a thick texture and a unique formula. It even allows you to restyle your hair throughout the day! All you have to do is add a bit of water!

Price: $12.00

Where to buy: DeckOut

3. We Need A Hero Pomade Matte


The Hero Pomade has a water-soluble formula and helps keep your hair in place all day! This matte version also helps give your hair strong pliability. Not only that, but it is also super easy to wash off! 

Price: $40.00

Where to buy: We Need A Hero

4. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade


Want to look well-combed but don’t want to use a gel? Then, the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is the one for you! This pomade has the benefit of drying quickly and tightly gripping onto your hair. Even though it has a stronghold, it doesn’t dry out the hair so easily. It’s also able to help provide the right amount of shine to the hair! 

Price: $29.00

Where to buy: The Panic Room

5. Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax


The Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax is able to provide a great hold on the hair. With its high performance, it can even help achieve professional styling! This pomade can help keep your hair in tip-top shape all day long too. Suitable for many hair lengths, this pomade is easy to apply and can help create numerous different hairstyles.

Price: $20.00

Where to buy: Ubersuave

6. Layrite Super Hold


Next, we have the Layrite Super Hold which is also super easy to apply! This pomade is said to “hold like wax, washes out like gel”. Not only that, but it has an exotic scent as well! It also has the benefit of letting you restyle your hair. Thus, you can shape your hair any way you want to look good! 

Price: $29.00

Where to buy: The Panic Room

7. American Crew Pomade


This pomade, American Crew, holds your hair moderately but helps achieve a great shine. You can use your fingers to comb it through your hair and achieve a “messy” look! It is also suitable for those with curly hair. Since it’s a flexible pomade, it can help create many hairstyles! 

Price: $36.00

Where to buy: Zalora Singapore

8. Suavecito Firm Hold Strong Hold Pomade


A product that is built to last is the Suavecito Firm Hold Strong Hold Pomade. This pomade has a unique scent that reminisces the smell of manliness. It applies fairly smoothly on the hair and has a good grip! Thus, it is suitable for most hair types. Since this pomade lasts for a very long time, some barber’s use it too!

Price: $21.90

Where to buy: OriginalFook

9. Baxter Of California Clay Pomade


The Baxter Of California Clay Pomade can help you sculpt your hair into any style you want. Its formula has a texture that enables you to have versatility in your styling! Not only that, but its formula consists of ingredients that are natural such as beeswax and clay. It also holds your hair strongly and provides it with a matte finish. 

Price: $33.00

Where to buy: Zalora Singapore

10. Undisputed Pomade


Suitable for all types of hair, the Undisputed Pomade is able to hold your hair together strongly. This affordable and water-based pomade is of high quality and is easy to wash off! It is great for creating slick back looks and pompadours too. Since it doesn’t melt easily under the heat, it’s suitable for the humid weather in Singapore!

Price: $9.40

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

11. Refined Superior Matte Clay


The Refined Superior Matte Clay has the benefit to help increase the volume of your hair! This pomade doesn’t leave any flakes and is easy to wash off. Not only that, but it is also fairly easy to style and restyle all day! With its stronghold on your hair, it is also able to help provide a matte finish. 

Price: $20.00

Where to buy: Refined Supply

12. Imperial Barber Gel Pomade


Lastly, we have the Imperial Barber Gel Pomade! Suitable for all types of hair, this pomade helps with the health of your hair as well. With a stronghold on your hair, it is also able to provide a moderate shine! Even though its formula is water-based, it hardens quickly and does not flake easily. 

Price: $12.00

Where to buy: DeckOut