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15+ Salons in Far East Plaza that Solves All Your Beauty Needs

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The Far East Plaza doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of the other establishments in Orchard Road belt, but this place is a strong magnet for locals and foreigners who want to get their beauty fixed. Can’t blame them—this place has lots of face, hair, nail, brow and lash salons that are open to serve hundreds of people every day.  There’s only one problem: people get overwhelmed with the choices and find it difficult to find the best salons in Far East Plaza. 


This is why we decided to create a post about our favourite salons in Far East Plaza. We categorised them depending on the services they offer. Scroll down until you find what you need! 🙂




Where to get eyebrow and eyelash services:


  1. Milly’s

    Location: #03-131 Far East Plaza

    They offer one of the best eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroideries. We featured their work a number of times here in Beauty Insider thus, we’re confident that you’re in good hands with them.


  1. Bellus de Charme

Location: #04-105 Far East Plaza

They take pride in their eyebrow shaping and embroidery services. We commend their staff for being updated and well-informed about the salon’s services. They have great customer relations as well.


  1. Amy Beauty-Link International

Location: #05-72 Far East Plaza

At first, this salon looks dubious. But we were surprised to see the photos of the owner, Amy with celebrities Stefanie Sun, Joanne Peh, and Zoe Tay in the salon. We don’t know how often do these powerful women visit Amy for an eyebrow and eyelash service, but they could’ve trusted their beauty to Amy before.

Extra Note: Stefanie Sun, Joanne Peh, and Zoe Tay never appeared in public with bad brows. 


  1. Brow Studio Expert

Location: #05-29 Far East Plaza

This salon uses beauty products and eyebrow embroidery techniques from Korea. If you want natural looking KPop eyebrows, this is the place for you.



Where to get your nails done:


  1. Iputa Nails

Location:  #05-07 Far East Plaza

We personally recommend getting your french tips here. Their 3D nail art is also creative AF, with fancy blings and glitters that stick in your nails for a long period of time.


  1. The Pink Parlour

Location: #05-83 Far East Plaza

This salon has a big name and a big say in the nail fashion industry. They have numerous branches in the country but their stall in Far East Plaza is the one who takes the most clients.


  1. Mischievous

Location: #04-144 Far East Plaza

People go to this salon mainly because of their affordable services. The place gets a little crowded especially during weekends and public holidays. To ensure your slot on your day-off, book an appointment.


  1. Nail Queen

Location: #04-88 Far East Plaza

This is prolly the salon with the fastest service of all. They take pride in their $10 for 10 minute manicure. In that case, you can visit them in a work day. You get to skip the lines and hassle during weekends.



Where to get facials:


  1. Point D’Beaute

Location: #04-05 Far East Plaza

They take pride in their gentle and painless treatments. This award-winning salon only caters women. (Sorry, guys! 😢)


  1. Chez Moi De Beaute

Location: #04-75 Far East Plaza

Apart from their excellent customer service, this salon has expertly trained therapists who can customise your facial and beauty treatments. They have a quick skin consultation before you undergo the facial. Do not be shy and ask questions. You can use what they know to take care of your skin better.


  1. Queen’s Beauty Centre

Location: #04-103 Far East Plaza

The Queen’s beauticians like to talk about the process with their customers. They honestly tell the customers the effects of the products or treatment they  availed in the salon. They do this in pursuit of giving everyone a clearer skin. Passing on the ideal skin care knowledge is better and more sustainable compared to any salon treatment.


  1. Fresver Beauty

Location: #05-18 Far East Plaza

A local magazine once gave Fresver the Best Perfecting Facial Award. They are an influential salon and they an increasing number of customers. Most of them end up as patrons.


  1. Skin Fab

Location: #01-70 Far East Plaza

This brand has a mission: to make women love their skin. They offer products that are free from irritating chemicals which cause acne breakouts.



Where to get your hair done:


  1. Klearcut Hairdressing

Location: #05-113 Far East Plaza

Klearcut is jam packed with customers during weekends. If you want your hair cut here, make time during the weekdays. Students also get a 10% discount on their total bill.


  1. Clover Hair Boutique

Location:  #11-0312 Far East Plaza

Most of their hairstylists handle stars. Expect the same treatment that they give to models, celebrities, and bloggers. That’s how great they are! 👍🏻


  1. CCA Hair

Location: #02-92 Far East Plaza

This is a top notch hair salon from Seoul, South Korea. Come in here you’ll surely deal with professional stylists and hairdressers. It is a bit pricey to get your hair done in CCA but rest assured, the extra costs you pay goes to the quality of their work.


  1. J7Image

Location: #05-32/33 Far East Plaza

What we love about this salon is that they use organic hair products on their customers. If you have a sensitive scalp, this should be your go-to salon in Far East Plaza.  

Next, we liked that this place is built for  millennials. It is a salon and a café where people can meet.


  1. Artica

Location: #04-64 Far East Plaza

The salon’s founder named Juno created a hair colouring blend and technique which lasts longer than the regular ones. If you want the best hair colouring service in the the building, go here.


Note: You can plug your mobile phones or tablets while waiting for your hair treatment to finish.


And last but definitely not the least…


  1. Gataomo Hair Salon

Location:  #04-79 and 80 Far East Plaza

Yes, they have two stalls inside the shopping centre because this salon is a big hit. People can’t stop talking about how good their stylists are. More importantly, this is not as expensive as the high-end salons we included in this list.


The more choices a place offers, the harder it is for you to decide. We narrowed it down for you. Now go and have fun in the Far East Plaza this weekend, ladies!


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