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Just like our personalities, our skin is different – some of us suffer from oily skin; some of us from imperfections like pigmentation. Some have a combination of problems. That is why this newly-opened clinic specialises in tailored packages as everyone has different needs. This ranges from Maintenance Programmes to Enhanced Treatment Regimes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution so all patients get a bespoke programme, including their skin care!

“We treat individuals, not clients and appropriate enhancements are personalised to your lifestyle and individual history. The professional care we take in providing treatment is part of our ethos tailored to specific individual requirements,” assures Dr Maybelle Tan. At The Belle Clinic, their initial consultations – which can take 45 minutes to an hour, are detailed. “Guide us through your lifestyle, history and expectations to shape your personal treatment plan. We are even interested in the type of make-up you use!” she adds.
On top of that, all their services and products undergo rigorous medical grade testing. The science speaks for itself and Dr Tan uses only FDA approved medical grade machines. In fact, a lot of their treatments and machines have been featured on programmes like The Doctors TV show.

One of their most popular combination treatments is their Triple Youth Generator. Dr. Tan designed this protocol and it is only available at her clinic. Comprising of a laser for pigmentation and enlarged pores, RF for collagen regeneration, wrinkles, tightening and lifting as well as a medical grade “chemical peel” or AHA treatment for mild skin resurfacing to clear, tighten and minimise clogged pores. This signature treatment helps to achieve and maximise results with minimal downtime. Each portion of the treatment programme is also individualised for enhanced anti-ageing benefits.
“Our strength lies in our super effective in-clinic treatments with low downtime for our busy patients. We understand that fitting in a doctor’s appointment can be difficult when our patient’s diary is full of business meetings, overseas travel, family commitments and social events. By combining treatments, you can get instant results with little or no down time at all,” explains Dr Tan.


The Belle Clinic is at 1 Tras Link, 
#02-06, Singapore 078867. Tel: 64448108 

About the doctor:
Aesthetic Doctor
Dr. Maybelle Tan has worked in Plastic Surgery, Hand Reconstructive microsurgery in both Dublin, Ireland as well as in Singapore. A member of both The Royal College of Surgeons ireland as well as The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, she has a masters in Surgery from NUS and is also a published author in several medical journals.

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