The Best Skincare Tips, Routine and Ingredients for Oily Skin

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Bye bye pores, pimples and that sticky feeling! These skin care tips for oily skin will help you nail a simple (but effective!) routine and find the products that really work.

Cleanse every morning, and double cleanse at night

 Even if you just got out of bed, your face may have trace amounts of last night’s creams or dust picked up from your pillow. And when you get home, you need to doublecleanse to get rid of all traces of makeup, sunscreen, dirt and pollution.

Pick a gel or foam cleanser

Gel and foam formulas are particularly good for breaking down grease without drying out your skin. Look for gentle anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help prevent acne and reduce redness.

skincare tips for oily skin

Use a gentle toner

A toner will remove the last traces of cleanser, restore your skin’s PH and tighten your pores. What ingredients should you look for? If you’re prone to bad breakouts, find one that contains AHAs or BHAs, which will purge your pores of toxins. If you’re biggest problem is big pores, or if your skin is red and irritated, get toners with chamomile, rose or ginseng.  Most of all, avoid any toners with alcohol!  

Consider using two kinds of toners

Sometimes you need to alternate two oily skin products to respond to your skin needs. If your face feels like a grease pan by the end of the day, then use a stronger toner in the evening. “I use a natural toner that hydrates and calms. In the evening, I use toner pads that clear out pores and exfoliate too,” says one beauty editor.  

Use a hydrating serum in the morning

You still need to hydrate your skin – because oil isn’t water, and many oily skin care products can actually zap the moisture from your skin. (Read about skincare mistakes that can ruin your skin.)

 One of the best skin care tips for oily skin? Instead of moisturizing in the morning, use a hydrating serum in the morning. This routine works even for people with very oily skin: spray a hydrating toner, pat in serum, spray another hydrating toner, and then apply sun block. Your face won’t feel heavy but you’ve created several layers of hydration. Plus, your skin is plump and primed for makeup!  

oily skin care products

Use a moisturizer at night

Pick a lightweight, gel moisturizer that has a refreshing water-like formula. Make sure it’s oil free and non-comedogenic.

Many dermatologists recommend getting one with retinol, a super ingredient that can boost collagen, tighten pores, lower your oil production and help reduce the appearance of scars.  If you have sensitive skin, you can alternate a retinol moisturizer with a gentle, natural moisturizer.

If you have big pores, look for oily skin care products with niacinamide (which can strengthen and tighten skin). If you have dry patches, look for hyaluronic acid, which traps moisture and won’t clog your skin like facial oils.  

Never skip sunscreen

Sun damage doesn’t just speed up ageing, but can also make your acne marks darker and harder to remove. Look for a non-comedogenic sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Reapply every 2 to 4 hours, especially if you’re outdoors.

skin care routine for oily skin

Exfoliate twice a week

Skip the harsh scrubs and get a chemical exfoliator, which contains enzymes or acids that can dissolve dirt without irritating your skin. The best ingredients include salicylic acid, which not only clear out pores but also fight bacteria and inflammation.

Mask twice a week

Clay masks can draw out oil and clear out pores – do it once a week, or twice if you’re feeling particularly oily. One of our fave skin care tips for oily skin: Spray a soothing toner on your face after a clay mask before applying moisturizer.

Don’t use a clay mask every day, because you’ll irritate your skin. However, you can alternate it with a soothing or hydrating sheet mask.

Steam your face once a week

One of the best skin care tips for oily skin! Every week, boil water and pour into a big bowl. Bend over and drape a towel over your head, trapping the steam. So cheap, and yet so good for clearing out your pores! Or, you can splurge and get a facial steamer, or treat yourself to a weekly steam facial.