Summery weather, bronzy tan, and a glass of cool lemonade, yes it’s our favorite season again! It is finally here and although you miss the beach (crying inside), it does not mean that you need to let the season pass you by. If you have grown tired of the typical summer nails trend look or simply need something to amp up your nails game, we’ve got you covered! Whether it is for personal satisfaction or you wanted to flaunt your new nails on the gram, there are plenty of ideas that you can copy. Ahead, Beauty Insider has listed out 10 super cute summer nails to get you ready for the season. Get ready and screenshot these trends for your next nail boards!

10 Summer Nail Trends That’ll Make You Obsessed with Your Nails

1.Side Tip Nails

Bored of the regular French manicure? Although it looks classic and never goes out of style, sometimes a little revamp of the version won’t hurt. Besides, this nail trend has been all over the internet with celebs and influencers donning different versions of the side tips nails. If you want to recreate a similar look, ask your manicurist to draw straight lines on the side of the nails and across to the center. You can opt for neon colors by combining different shades to make your nails pop out more. If you want to ‘tone it down’, we suggest that you opt for the classic combo of white tip and nude shade.


Another summer nail trend that people have been obsessed with is the checkerboard. So far we’ve seen that it has been a top choice. We know that a regular white and black checkerboard can be quite plain. So if you want to make heads turn in a good way, make sure to add abstract designs, florals and go for eye-catching colors.

3.Cherry on Top

Floral designs may be on top of your choice for the summer nail trends, but let’s not forget that cherry print makes a perfect addition to your nails too. Besides, just imagine super cute cherry nails with a summer dress, ultimate summer vibe! If you are still unable to visit a nail salon, you can try out this nail art at home. We suggest that you opt for unmatch look with a classic red French manicure and cherry print.

4.3D Manicure

We are sure that you can see this coming. Not sure which summer nail trends to go for? Pick 3D manicure! Previously people have been going overboard with 2D manicures, but if you want to get ahead of the trend, make sure to choose 3D nail art. Well, it is entirely up to your imagination when it comes to texture nails. You can add gemstones or pearls to amp up the look even more.

4. Heart Beams 

If you want to take your nails game to the next level, try out hear nails trend which is inspired by the all-time favorite cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls and phone case. Instead of choosing one color, we suggest that you opt for colorful shades to make the multilayers look more gorgeous. The best part is that it is customizable and you can add your own style to this look.

6. Swirls Up

If you have been on the gram, you will notice that many beauties have been flaunting their new fresh nails that feature swirls abstract. Although it seems simple, this latest summer nail trend looks stunning and chic. You can never go wrong with the white swirls and nude base. If you want to spice things up, make sure to try out neon shades or even pastel. As there are tons of variations of nail swirls, it can be quite confusing to know which works the best for you. Hence, you can consult with your manicurist and show the best version that you like.

7. Jelly Nail Art

Yup, we still can’t get over the jelly nail art trend and it seems that we are not alone. Although this nail trend originally started out in the 90s, the beauty community has been head over heels for this trend. As the name suggests, jelly nails or glass nails are usually see-through and delivers a translucent effect. To make it more appealing, you can add metal accents or even gemstones. Are you obsessed with classic French manicures? We dare you to try out the jelly French tips. It is definitely an insta-worthy look!

8. Mismatched Manicures

Not sure which colors or style to get? We all have been there and the easiest way out is to get every little bit of everything! Besides, it looks super artsy and cool. Trust us no one will ever know that you’re running out of ideas. So go ahead, pick different designs and shades to get this nail look!

9. Butterflies

Thanks to Dua Lipa, everyone has been obsessed with the butterflies nail trend. It just suits summer perfectly! If you want to look super cute, we suggest that you opt for tiny butterflies with pastel shades. For those who want to add more glitz and glam, make sure to accessorize your nails with gemstones and sparkling shades.

10. Summer Bursts

Summer is all about bursts of colors and over-the-top nail art. So what’s better than choosing a neon color? Make a statement today with your nails in bold and bright shades. You can either go plain or incorporate different nail art styles like 3D or even jelly nails.

Which summer nail trends that you have been obsessed with? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below, and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!