5 Best Supplements for Men $85 and Below–From Energy Boost to Hair Loss

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More and more men in Singapore are taking supplements to help them keep up with their busy and active lifestyle. The best multivitamin for men is always sought after, as well as the best supplements for men. Whether you want to increase your energy, help your body deal with the daily stresses, or have other concerns such as reproductive health or hair less, this is the list to read. The best vitamins for men are within reach and just about a few clicks away from you. Read on for Singapore’s bestselling male supplements.

Multivitamin: GNC Mega Men With Vit K Timed-Release (90 caplets) $49

This is the brand’s number one multivitamin for men and it includes high potency B vitamins to support fat, protein, metabolism and energy production. It is also an antioxidant and it contains three types of blends: fruit and vegetable blend for prostate and cellular protection, amino acid blend for blood circulation and strength, and lastly a brain health blend.

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More energy: Blackmores Men’s Performance Multi (50 capsules), $42

To deal with lack of energy and stress, try this top seller. It contains tribulus to increase your energy and stamina. It also provides support to your reproductive system. Zinc helps with exercise performance while vitamin B helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, to provide energy. It contains 21 ingredients for both physical and mental well being.

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Reproductive health: Holistic Way Repro Men 60’s Vcaps $79

First things first—there is no shame in taking supplements to support men’s reproductive health. Holistic Way Repro Men contains coenzyme Q10. This is boosts immune system, overall health, plus endurance. If you are trying to boost your fertility, try this supplement. Pine bark and folic acid promotes healthy sperm. All you need is one capsule daily.

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Better immune system: Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Vitamin C Supplement 60 tablets, $29

Tired of getting sick all the time? Try this bestselling supplement that was formulated to support your immune system and energy metabolism. Its vitamin C content is responsible for boosting your protection from sickness and it also helps release the energy from the fat, carbohydrates, and protein from your diet. Vitamin C also helps with the tiredness.

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Hair loss: Phytophanere Dietary Supplement (120 capsules), $85

If you or the man in your life cannot be bothered with applying skincare or elaborate hair product, this best-selling cult favorite supplement is the best solution. Just two capsules a day will help with weak, thinning, and damaged hair and nails. Your hair will be fuller, shinier, and longer. It contains vitamin E to protect your hair and skin against environmental damage, omega 3 & 6 to make hair more shiny. It also contains vitamins B & C for healthy hair and nails plus pro-vitamin A for skin radiance.

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