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Best Valentine Gift: Top 5 Spas In Singapore That Offer Couple Rooms

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Running out of gifts to give to your partner? Tried all the kinds of dates already? You can still able to show your partner how much you love them even without flowers and chocolates. A trip to the spa once a week, or every other week, can do wonders for one’s mind and body. Here are five of Singapore’s best spas for couples will surely enjoy:

Adeva Spa

singapore spa, couple spa singapore

Located on the 6th floor of Paragon, it’s indeed a haven amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. The atmosphere is minimalist and serene. Unlike any other spas, Adeva Spa assesses your preferred area of focus and the oil to be used. With nine different massage options, you’ll get to know how lying your back on these heated massage chairs and beds could make these therapists work their magic. It’s no wonder this spa has received countless awards and recognition.

Treatment to try: Couple Retreat ($288/ 60-minute of body massage, 30-minute use of en-suite Jacuzzi, and 30-minute body polish for two

Not bad for a few bucks, finish it off by drinking a relaxing ginger tea or a wellness dessert.

Find out more about Adeva Spa here.


Ikeda Spa

You don’t have to fly to Japan for an onset treat. You might think that it is a crazy idea to opt for a hot spring bath in Singapore’s already-hot and sunny weather but this can actually help improve your blood circulation. Their interiors are made of wood and their traditional paintings make you forget that you’re currently in Singapore. The whole finishing and decoration create an experience simulation of the traditional bath in Japan.

Treatment to try: Ever After Honeymoon ($956 for two/ 210 minutes)

It consists of a red rose couple onset bath and a 30-minute body scrub and a Japanese tea ceremony to complete the pampering experience.

Find out more about Ikeda Spa here.


The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

This elegant spa is situated in the middle of the city without hailing to rush in Sentosa. It’s just located in the city’s top-rated hotels. Mandarin Oriental has always been known for its highest standards of service and quality and their spa is no different. The urban spa is located on the fifth floor of the hotel but its warm and cozy environment makes you feel less like in the city. The spa’s six treatment rooms include two couples’ suites and a spacious VIP suite, while other facilities include a separate nail station, reflexology area and relaxing tea lounge. It offers a full day pampering for more moments to share with your loved one. It also has three facials and eye rescue treatment that only requires 30 minutes. It’s a one-stop shop and has all the facilities you need from saunas, steamed baths, and spa consultation services.

Treatment to try: Oriental Escape for Two ($1,380 for two/ 230 minutes)

This is a retreat and relaxation perfect for your friend or loved one leaving you both feelings rejuvenated and recharged. What makes this treatment really personalized is when you need to fill up a questionnaire before to determine the element that you’re matched with a custom oil to be used. And the best part? It also includes an eye treatment and aromatherapy facial with a three-course dinner at Dolce Vita, an Italian restaurant. What a perfect way date this Valentine’s!

Find out more about The Spa at Mandarin Oriental here.


Auriga Spa

The best part of this suite is they have four couple rooms that come with a private garden. Along with its herbal atmosphere, the products and treatments used are organic.

Treatment to try: PS I Love You ($688 for two/ 165 minutes)

This very romantic head-to-toe massage has two glasses of champagne to be shared by the couple. It begins with a foot massage up until a full body massage and a candle-lit bath.

Find out more about Auriga spa here.



It is situated in Singapore’s most luxurious places, Resorts World Sentosa. With 10,000 square meters of leisure space inside Sentosa, this is totally worth considering the oasis of tranquility. Between its gorgeous beach and garden villas and the peaceful lily pond that sits in the middle of the property, you truly feel like you’re at some private spa retreat.

Treatment to try: Any customized package for you! ($450 per person/ 180 minutes)

Just book either a Garden Suite or a Beach Villa and let the therapist create the best spa treatment that suits you. It includes one hour of facility tour and usage within the compound.

Find out more about ESPA Resorts World Sentosa here.

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