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Beyond Eye Cream: New Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles

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Dark circles look cute on pandas, but for the rest of us they’re just one big beauty problem that never goes away. Eye creams help, but some of us need more. Blame it on genetics, blame it on facial structure, blame it on thinner skin… but whatever causes it, we’re just desperate for something that will banish dark circles for good.

If you’re ready to try other treatments, tips or techniques that can fade dark circles, check out this list. We look at everything from facial treatments, beauty supplements, or even the latest beauty gadgets. Combined with a really good eye cream and 8 hours of sleep, maybe one day we’ll wake up with brighter, fresh looking eyes.


One reason why dark circles get prominent as we age is that the skin under our eyes gets really thin. Our blood vessels show through, causing that bluish or purplish discoloration.

Micro-needling helps by causing pricks that prompt the skin to heal itself by producing more collagen. You can get it at a Singapore dermatologist or skincare clinic, or purchase a home dermaroller.  

It takes a few weeks for the skin to produce collagen, so don’t give up if you don’t see results right away. But for many dermaroller fans, it’s like an answered prayer. “I watched, bewildered, as my severe dark circles and puffy under-eye bags vanished and stayed that way for weeks,” says one beauty review.

Vitamin B supplements

Studies show that Vitamin B12 deficiency can worsen dark circles. Get your daily dose of B vitamins from supplements. This is really important if you’re vegetarian or tend to skip meals. While you can get vitamin B12 from meat, tuna and eggs, your body can have trouble absorbing it as you grow older. A blood test can confirm if you have Vitamin B deficiency and anemia.

Milk Thistle Extract

Other research links dark circles to liver dysfunction. If you drink, eat a lot of food with preservatives, or your medical tests indicate signs of a fatty liver, then you should definitely consider taking milk thistle.

Milk thistle supplements or silymarin supplements improve liver function, which helps you in so many ways. Aside from minimizing the dark circles under your eyes, it can help purge toxins and reduce belly bloat and lethargy.

Eye Patches and Eye Masks

So many eye masks, so little time. Thanks to everyone’s obsession over facial masks and face sheets, you now have your pick of eye patches and eye masks that can treat everything from puffiness to dark circles to crow’s feet. There are also reusable eye masks that contain a cooling gel. Just store them in the fridge and then wear them for instant relief and younger looking eyes.

Most of the ingredients in eye masks are similar to those you’ll find in eye creams, but the sheets work like a barrier that prevent it from evaporating and help them go deep into the eye area. We like using them right before a big event for an instant beauty fix. And when your dark circles look worse than usual – say, when you have PMS or have had a long night at work – the eye masks can save you from looking like a zombie.