Stop The Press, Bio-essence Launches New Bio-Water Range For Sensitive Skin!

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In case you thought skincare consisted simply of washing your face, Bio-essence is here to prove that you can take it as far as you want. And if you want to get perfectly swept away, that’s what the brand’s new Bio-Water Range line is for. We love a good specially formulated range that has an open conversation with skincare obsessives. Especially one that ups the ante by knocking another beauty concern off our list: sensitivity.

The latest series to hit the shelves is specially formulated to counteract sensitivity. Products that calms skin down in many ways is a sure win in our book — and this range by Bio-essence does all the work for you. So it makes perfect sense why so many people are flocking to these mineral enriched solutions as soon as their skin begins to flare-up.


The lineup will include dermatologist-tested hypoallergenic heroes, from a radiance-boosting water to a vitamin gel. Each with their own unique functions but they all have one thing in common: they should be on your beauty radar!

The strident weather also brings with it the seasonal battle against the external factors that turn your skin into a lacklustre shadow of its former glowing self. With these low in salt content products, it can naturally boost hydration and restore the outer layer of the skin to keep you looking healthy! Also enriched with trace minerals for the effective cooling of skin, it brings down skin temperature to relieve and soothe. For the sensitive-skinned, this range might be a summer beauty routine’s dream come true.

In addition, the entire Bio-Water range is now enhanced with the Bio Energy ComplexTM, a proprietary formula that aids skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself. By enhancing the intake of oxygen, it gets skin into an active and energised state which dramatically helps to increase the absorption of skin-soothing bio-ingredient, Bio-Water. It’s time to keep your purses, bathroom shelves, and nightstands stocked with the best remedies for one of the biggest skincare issues!

New rollout of Bio-essence’s reformulated line, available now at C K Department Store, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, OG, Robinsons, Watsons and selected cosmetic houses.

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