Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation

This animated video from Pure Aesthetics in Sydney has Dr. Steve Merten’s approach to performing the combination procedure of breast augmentation & breast lift surgery. Know more about breast augmentation and breast lifts and how they are done by the expert! Pure Aesthetics Sydney (Youtube Channel:

Double Eyelid Surgery
Epicanthoplasty (Eye widening surgery)

Let Dr. Kenneth Kim talk you through common misconceptions about epicanthoplasty. This particular surgical procedure is a procedure that involves cuttin the inner corners of the eye. Epicanthoplasty is widely gaining popularity for its effectiveness in enlarging the eyes horizontally and in getting rid of the “Mongolian fold”. Dr. Kenneth Lim (Youtube Channel:

Face Care
13 Golden Rules of Face Care For Teens and Power Women

Everyone wants to achieve a youthful looking glow without wearing too much makeup. Here are the best face care tips which we can give to blooming teens and career women in Singapore. You might want to get your pen and paper and jot down these beauty essentials: ContentsRemove makeupCleanse and moisturizeExfoliateChoose the skincare products that compliment […]

Experimental Date Ideas You, An Independent Singaporean Lady will Love
Experimental Date Ideas that An Independent Singaporean Lady Like You will Love

You are confident, experimental, adventurous and bold. You love life and all the wonders that come along with it. You are not afraid to be alone, for solitude brings fun and opportunities to go even further. However, you are also not afraid to put yourself out there and connect with other individuals! Here are two refreshingly […]