9 Best Men Grooming Salons in Singapore To Get Your Groove On

So, if we were to talk about self-pampering, spa & massages for men a decade ago, we would have gotten raised eyebrows and judgemental whispers 😏, but now, it’s a norm, which is really empowering actually! 😍 I mean, who said guys can’t groom themselves beyond haircuts? So, Beauty Insider put together some of the […]

home remedies for blackheads
10 Best Home Remedies for Blackheads To Get Rid Off Em For Good!

Unlike acne, wrinkles, scars and other skin issues, blackheads are much much much harder to treat and they can be very tricky too! No matter how well you take care of your skin, they just show up and the worst part is you can’t really see them most of the time! It is annoying but […]

10 Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights in Singapore That You Need To Own!

Okay, can you recall occasions where you went too heavy in applying some blusher, or foundation and only realised it when you’re out? or you look completely different when you applied your makeup at home and look so much different at an event? Yes, that’s the cause of insufficient and inappropriate lighting. You see, the […]

10 Best Hair Straighteners in Singapore That’ll Work Magic in A Single Stroke

Do you have frizzy hair that requires you to use a straightener, but you’re just afraid of the heat damage that will affect your hair? Well, with the latest development of technology and patented technology of individual brands, developers have come to identify your concerns and designed hair straighteners that won’t cause damage to your […]

thai beauty
Thai Beauty Shopping: The 101 Guide to Shop Till You Drop in Thailand!

Let’s be honest, shopping, in general, is fun but it’s more fun when you shop in a different country! When we say shopping paradise the first few countries most people would likely think of are London, Dubai, Korea, France, Italy and Japan. Yes, it is true these countries are home to the best shopping spots […]

eye creams
Night Creams vs Sleeping Masks: Which One is Better for You?

What, night creams vs sleeping masks- aren’t they kinda like the same product that goes by different names( ah-ahem marketing gimmick?!) That’s what we thought too but many skincare experts have opposing opinions to it! So, few of us from Beauty Insider did a major investigation to find out the difference between the two products, […]

10 Best Yoga Mats in Singapore That’ll Make Any Workout More Comfortable

As yoga requires patience, time and good concentration, while it also burns calories, you would need a proper mat that would give you support, cushion and be non-slippery. In some cases, the lighter the mat, the better it is to carry it around. With so many mats in the market, how do you know which […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Some of us still prefer the conventional method of shaving our pubic hair, simply because the process is less painful and excruciating compared to waxing. However, even though shaving sounds simple and easy, if not done right, the results may not be up to satisfaction or you may end up hurting yourself. Hence, Beauty Insider […]

vaginal care tips
10 Gynae-Approved Vaginal Care Tips For A Clean and Healthy ‘Vag’!

VAGINA!!!! Did we manage to get your attention, well who wouldn’t turn heads when they hear the big ‘V’?! The vagina is the most delicate part of our body but is often neglected. Most of us tend to pay more attention to our skin and face but little did we know our vagina is the […]

PCOS 101: Everything You Need To Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Almost 1 in every 10 women of childbearing age has PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Those affected by it know that they experience hormonal imbalance and metabolism problems. However, sadly, many women out there are still unaware of the fact that they might be having PCOS. Hence, Beauty Insider has put together this article to spread […]