tea tree oil

This Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Is The Perfect Superfood For Your Skin

Finally! A spot treatment powerhouse created by The Body Shop: a purifying, tea tree oil enriched with an anti-bacterial blend and organic tea tree leave extract that helps soothe blemished skin. A typical oil-based product might not be able to reduce the signs of your blemishes, but a little help never hurt particularly when it relieves your skin along the way. While certainly not new to the skincare scene, The Body Shop tea tree oils are having a moment right now — and for splendid reasons.

tea tree oil

It doesn’t matter what your skin combination is, acne doesn’t play favourites when it comes to those pesky random breakouts. There are skincare products that work their magic in due time, and then there’s this cult classic by The Body Shop that will put you on the fast track to softer, healthier, and radiant-looking skin — really! Renowned for its powerful, purifying properties, this rich and natural product envelopes skin and soaks up all impurities of dirt and grease from your face. They’re especially good for all skin types and is great for on the spot application. Equipped with their purest concentration of tea tree oil, this essential oil also improves skin’s resilience for acne when used on targeted areas of concern.

Did we mention the product is derived from natural ingredients and is 100% vegan?  Of course, it goes without saying that it’s a wonderful time to stand behind ethical and conscious beauty — and we couldn’t be more ready for the boom in vegan skincare.

If you’re looking for a powerful spot treatment that targets and tame your breakouts, the tea tree oil by The Body Shop is one to add to your bathroom shelf!

Priced at $19.90 (10ml) and $34.90 (20ml) respectively, the Tea Tree Oil will be available exclusively at The Body Shop.

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