About - 100 % Pure


Susie Wang the founder and chief creative mind behind 100% Pure cosmetics and products aim to achieve and to create the absolute healthiest, purest, most nourishing formulas. She and her team also define natural as:

‘Natural ingredients originate from nature and ONLY undergo chemical changes due to biological processes such as fermentation, distillation, and cold press.’

It is a given fact that our skin acts like a sponge which absorbs everything we put in it.Unfortunately, most commonly bought beauty products contain quite a lot of harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and damaging toxins. These chemicals can then go on to cause clogged pores, skin irritations, premature aging and much much more.

However, with 100% Pure’s line of natural beauty products, this will not be a problem. Formulated with high performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins, and essential oils, our beauties will not only give you a picture perfect finish, but they’ll also improve the health of your skin in the long run.

You can browse all of 100% Pure’s all natural beauty products now to see for yourself the line of vegan cosmetics, potent serums, illuminating blushes, deep cleansing scrubs, sweet-smelling soaps, cheeky bronzers, and cruelty-free brushes. They also stock a number of extra gentle baby products, cosmetic gift sets and makeup packages for when you’d like to surprise that special someone (or even yourself!) with something superb.

Forget about having a dry, damaged and dull looking skin forever with 100% Pure’s line of all natural beauty products.