5Yina is one of the relatively new cosmetics beauty brand on the market. But do not let its age fool you, 5Yina has been creating waves in the fashion industry by creating and providing cost-efficient, safe and effective products for their consumers like  5Yina Lucent Summer Hydrolat and 5Yina Enlighten Spring Hydrolat.

5Yina is a Chinese beauty brand that believes in the power of nature which lead them to create products that prevent environmental pollution, out-of-balanced lifestyles, and daily stress disrupt their customers’ each and every biorhythms.

According to 5Yina, these factors are the ones which fluctuate the changes everyone experience throughout the day affect the mind, body, and skin.

And with that, 5YINA skincare has been developed to harness the potency of adaptogenic botanicals with modern research to stabilize and enhance the skin’s resilience against pollution, environmental stress, and seasonal changes.