Alba Botanica


Alba Botanica is a skin and hair care brand that offers a wide range of all-organic products, guaranteed to be entirely vegetarian and natural. Alba Botanica has been a tried and tested brand and has been firmly following their mission “to Do Beautiful”, since its launch in 1979.

To stay true to the vision, Alba Botanica innovated a vibrant line of the effective body-loving products that nourish and protect the skin, hair, and soul.

Alba Botanica is dedicated to making effective, high quality, 100% vegetarian products, while constantly evolving together with beauty, health, and trends–coming up with new formulations and products introduced each year.

They values the importance of reducing their environmental footprint whenever possible. According to the brand, their mission “To Do Beautiful” also means being responsible in keeping the Earth and all its resources and inhabitants healthy and happy. This includes protecting animals from harm, guaranteeing that no Alba Botanica products are ever tested on animals, so beauties can “Do Beautiful” when they choose Alba Botanica.