About - Alba Botanica


About Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica offers a wide range of organic skin care products and hair care products. It is sure to be 100% vegetarian and full range of natural. It is formulated to be one of the best products in the industry. Not only it uses the finest natural products every skin would require, they are also eager to help mother nature and stop the cruelty to the animals.

Alba Botanica has been a tried and tested brand since it was born in 1979 and their team firmly follows and believes a simple mission – to Do Beautiful. In order to stay true to that vision, Alba Botanica created a vibrant ling of the most effective body-loving products that nourish and protect the skin, hair and of course, the soul.

Alba Botanica evolves constantly together with beauty, health, and trends, coming up with new and exciting products that they introduce every year. They are keen on providing a fan favourite formula on its way to become the next big thing. Alba Botanica is dedicated to making effective, high quality, 100% vegetarian products that will surely give you a fresh, more natural look.

According to Alba Botanica, Do beautiful means keeping our Earth healthy and happy, too. They appreciate the importance of being good stewards of natural resources, so they do beautiful by reducing our environmental footprint whenever we can.

Alba Botanica also believes in keeping our friends close, including the furry kind. That’s why they never test our products, or any of the ingredients used in them, on animals. They are on a do beautiful mission to create vibrant products that treat the Earth and all its inhabitants, as well as they, do our bodies.