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About Alexiares & Ani

Alexiares & Ani is founded by Keith and Dawn. Together they created a beauty product line which has been named from Greek mythology. Alexiares & Ani (shortened from Anicetus) were twin demi-gods born from the goddess of youth, Hebe. Keith and Dawn chose this name because the twins had the powers of youth, passed down from their mother.

According to Alexiares & Ani:”Our goal in developing Alexiares & Ani was to offer effective formulas that can achieve the visible results you desire without risking irritation, sensitizing your skin or causing inflammation. Medical research tells us that chronic inflammation is at the root of almost all skin aging. So the goal of all skincare should be to minimize this. Yet many skincare products have the potential to elicit irritation and inflammation.”

Their interest in skincare started when they saw and understand how each skin reacts differently to different products. These changes are what made them ponder as to what they do to protect and maintain our own skin.

Research is the foundation of Alexiares & Ani. Everything that they come up with is the fruit of their in-depth knowledge of how the skin actually works. The Founders, Keith and Dawn, are known to maintain a direct contact with their customers, talking them through their skincare woes and working out the best approach with their line of products.

Ensuring the quality of each product is the passion of Alexiares and Ani. Their products are produced in small batches from the highest quality ingredients, organic if possible. Alexiares & Ani never use any ingredients which contains harsh sulfates, parabens or phthalates and most importantly, they do not test their products on animals.