Alexiares & Ani


Alexiares & Ani is a skincare brand that was started when the founders began to see changes in the way their skin looked and behaved. The determination to protect and maintain their skin was the motivation that birthed the brand.  The founders then created the beauty product line and extracted the brand named from Greek mythology. Alexiares & Ani (shortened from Anicetus) were twin demi-gods born from the goddess of youth.

Alexiares & Ani is a brand that understands how each individual’s skin reacts differently to different products. Their mission as a brand is to offer effective formulas that will achieve visibly desired results, without risking skin damage such as chronic inflammations. Chronic inflammation is said to be at the root of most skin aging.

Every new Alexiares & Ani product introduced is the outcome of their the brand’s thorough research and in-depth knowledge of how skin works and behaves. The Founders, Keith and Dawn, are known to maintain a direct contact with their customers, communicating with them  regarding their skin concerns and working out the best approach with their array of products.

Alexiares & Ani is passionate about ensuring the best quality is offered in each product, and stands strongly against using ingredients containing harsh sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Alexiares & Ani is an animal-loving skincare brand, no product is tested on animals.