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About Antonym

Antonym Cosmetics was fashioned by the mind of Valerie Giraud, the creator, and co-founder of the Beauty Cosmetics line. Valerie believes that Your skin deserves clean ingredients, it just shouldn’t be at the expense of the looks you love.

As a professional makeup artist, Valerie’s desire and ingenuity as an expert makeup artist has stirred an organic makeup collection that is skin-friendly and cruelty-free, yet highly pigmented and luxurious on the skin, offering a broad range of Makeup such as its highly renowned Antonym Baked Blush and Antonym Eyeshadow Quattro.

Valerie Giraud started Antonym in 2010 in London and introduced the makeup line to the United States market in 2013. If you love Antonym Cosmetics then you probably will follow her favorite beauty tip which says that the way you feel on the inside reflects the way you look on the outside, (but a little lipstick and mascara help).

Following the success of the Antonym Makeup Line, it has been also used by famous makeup artists on the red carpet at The Golden Globes (Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Ruth Wilson), Sundance (Keira Knightley, Ashley Green), AMA Awards (Elizabeth Banks), Film Premieres (Felicity Jones, Annabeth Gish), to wonderful write-ups by bloggers and the media.

This is the reason behind why Antonym is certified natural, organic and highly pigmented: according to Valerie Giraud, all-natural makeup doesn’t have to mean a natural look. Being a widely known organic makeup brand, they chose to support and love nature. Coming up with sustainable materials which they use for the packaging and for their brushes, using bamboo.

Today Antonym is an organic makeup brand that is growing a niche presence in the US market and has also expanded to Australia, Canada, Israel, Pakistan.