Faux lashes first became a trend in 1916, when some of the early movie stars began sporting fluttery, wispy, flirty lashes, and the demand for the false lashes grew, increasingly.

In 1971, Arnold and Sydell Miller founded one of the most successful faux lash brands known today as ARDELL, and released their first line volume and length faux lashes: ARDELL lashes and the Duralash Individuals. ARDELL Lashes skyrocketed into stardom and popularity, paving the way for the brand to continue developing its additional styles that we have to today. Currently, ARDELL’s Wispies and  Demi Wispies faux lash styles are a favorite of many YouTube beauty gurus and style icons.

Today, ARDELL offers an extensive lash collection with more than 125 different styles to suit all women, any event, and every lifestyle. ARDELL’s coveted natural-looking, lush lashes are now available at thousands of retail and professional outlets worldwide.