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Arkopharma is a world renowned pharmaceutical lab which specializes in the field of phytotherapy. It has been founded in the 1980’s near Nice, in Carros. Now known as the European leader of medicines and food supplements natural-based plants, Arkopharma is a leader in innovation. They produce high-quality Supplements like Arkopharma Arkocapil all the while promoting a healthy well being.

The brainchild of Dr. Rombi, the Arkopharma Pharmaceutical companies are then born if his intelligent, avant-garde ideas. These ideas have been his pride even before the world believed that the majority of health problems are due to a poor diet and that plants and natural products can prevent and help relieve most daily ills of the body.

Arkopharma was, therefore, the first in the industry to offer its products in Capsules starting with Arkocaps Bean Pod in 1982. Its process has been complicated, however, by moving from bulk plants to predosed forms it became easier to use. Thus, starting the market for herbal use.

Arkopharma offers a wide variety of supplements and capsules that help you with your everyday ills. Ranging from vitamin tablets to energy inducing capsules which surely are natural.

According to Arkopharma, “we think that Nature has an extraordinary intelligence, and that combined with our modern pharmaceutical science, it can be further enhanced. For 37 years, our pharmaceutical laboratory and our researchers have been working to turn this intelligence into natural solutions for your health, combining science, creativity and perfect safety, while respecting our environment. To offer each of us, on a daily basis, a deeper and more sustainable well-being: the opportunity to live our lives fully.”



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