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Aromatherapy Associates grew from a small time beauty brand to a famous and worldwide phenomena that is still one of the top beauty brands as of today. Aromatherapy Associates is responsible for giving the masses a taste of effective beauty products like Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection and Perfect Partners Set for every skin care lovers!

At Aromatherapy Associates, they primarily focus on Mindful Beauty by giving you time to stop and find balance in your life. As the pioneers in aromatherapy,  Aromatherapy Associates addresses your specific concerns and take you on a sensory journey to enhance your wellbeing.

They create highly potent therapeutic essential oils blends using the best possible ingredients. They meticulously pick their product bases wisely too. Some of those is the use of Rose Water instead of plain water. They also use vitamin and omega-rich plant oils such as Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Artic Strawberry Seed Oils and Shea and Murumuru Butters. These have a natural affinity with essential oils, allowing them work to their best potential.

Lastly, Aromatherapy Associates maintains their passion for essential oils stems from the understanding that they have therapeutic benefits which work on the skin, body and mind. They have harnessed this knowledge for over 30 years to deliver award-winning luxury bath, body and skincare products that work on a deeper level to allow your natural radiance and beauty to shine through.


Website: https://www.aromatherapyassociates.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AromaAssoc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AromaAssoc

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aromatherapyassociatesuk

Perfect Partners Set
Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection
Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser
Renewing Body Wash


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