ASTALIFT is a Japanese skincare brand created by Fujifilm, the film company. After deciding to put an end to its photo and film-focused approach to business, Fujifilm then decided to start its second foundation: the development of technological assets such as collagen and nanoparticle formulas, fostered through the photographic business.

The goal of the brand was to help women achieve that “Photogenic Beauty”, projecting beauty from an inner shine that emits a strong presence. These formulations consisting of collagen and nanoparticles paved the way into creating a more sophisticated yet, natural skincare products and started the rise of ASTALIFT.

Today, ASTALIFT has developed and improved more than countless beauty products that gives women the shine and beauty they wish to achieve.

Among  ASTALIFT’s wide array of affordable products for skin care are some the these brand favorites:  Astalift Jelly, Aquarysta Astalift Renewal Cream, Astalift Lunamer Emulsion II for Dry Skin, and more.