Ba Yan Ka La


BA YAN KA LA is a trusted and world-renowned natural skincare brand from Shanghai, China. The brand was the brainchild of China-resident and French entrepreneur, Jean Zimmermann.

Jean Zimmermann conceived the idea for the skincare brand during a period when he worked as general manager of Lane Crawford department stores, while living in China; he wanted to create a high-quality Chinese skincare brand.

BA YAN KA LA prides in being declared the pioneer in coming up with products using herbs and recipes from the traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, while creating the very first luxury skincare brand in China.

BA YAN KA LA’s products are guaranteed to give the full effect of the active ingredients used in each product, as the ingredients are carefully cultivated and strategically harvested based on the wisdom of the Traditional Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Some of the most in-demand products BA YAN KA LA has to offer are the Tibetan Roseroot Purifying Natural Soap, and Tibetan Roseroot Invigorating Body Lotion.