Balm Kitchen


Balm Kitchen was first established by Teresa Foo, in 2014. This business venture was initially just a search for a solution to cure her son’s atopic dermatitis, which later became the fuel to her passion to formulate effective nourishing skin food.

Balm Kitchen is a vegan-friendly, botanical-based skincare brand that offers safe, gentle, and effective solutions that nourish and soothe the skin. The brand firmly believes a great product should be affordable, without compromising value and quality. Balm Kitchen stands by their strict industry standard that ingredients are to be lab-tested with safety and efficacy first, carefully ensuring that every Balm Kitchen product is safe, excellent, and nourishing, as promised.

Balm Kitchen is all about creating safe and effective products for people, both sensitive skin  and normal skin conditions. Some of the products the brand takes pride in is the Extra Care Lip Balm – Revive and Regular lip balms.