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Banana boat is a brand of sunscreen manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Corp, owned by Edgewell Personal Care. Products are formulated to absorbs excess moisture, and dry with a soft matte finish – so nice that you’ll want to reapply!

Are your memories of the beach filled with thoughts of blistering sunburns, sticky sand, and dry skin? If so, you need a product that offers strong protection from the sun and sand while also helping to relieve dryness. Try Banana Boat®. Designed for ideal skin feel, the sunscreen they offer keeps you protected from the sun while feeling dry and fresh so you can enjoy your day – no matter where you are!

Banana Boat also has an SPF Guide for your skin! You need to consider a number of factors. How long will you be out in the sun? What is the UV Index for the day? What time of the day will you be out and what activity will you be doing? And, most importantly, what is your skin type?

Use the Banana Boat® SPF Guide to find out what products are right for you. Regardless of the SPF level you use, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating to help keep your skin protected.

Each product by Banana Boat provides safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, Dries with a soft matte finish, Lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs excess moisture while allowing the skin to breathe and Water-resistant formula (up to 80 minutes).


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