Barn & Potter


Barn & Potter is locally founded brand that specializes in pottery and aromatherapy. In 2007, the brand was inspired by the rich history of both traditional folk pottery and aromatic medicine of the olden days.

Barn & Potter uses only the best-quality ingredients from the best plantations around the world, such as USA, Brazil, India, Thailand, Egypt, Australia, Bulgaria, Italy and France. The ingredients itself create such an aromatic blend, that no form of synthetic fragrances are needed or used. Expect only the best scent and therapeutic properties of Barn & Potter.

From harvest to distillation, to design and innovation–the brand is devoted to making sure to offer only the best aromatherapy products. Barn & Potter is a brand that strongly advocates for taking care of nature, and being socially and environmentally responsible. This is a brand that believes in natural holistic healing through premium ecological solutions, to enhance people‚Äôs lives the natural way.