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Barn & Potter is founded in Singapore in 2007. The brand was inspired by the rich history of both traditional folk pottery and aromatic medicine in the olden days. The imagery of this brand is that of an artisan potter at work in his barn wedging, throwing and kneading his clay as part of his craft of pottery.

The artisan’s attention to detail symbolises the brand’s excellent craftsmanship while the usage of clay from the ground for pottery-making symbolises our belief in using only natural botanical ingredients for our aromatherapy.

Barn & Potter use only the finest ingredients from best plantations around the world. These include – USA, Brazil, India, Thailand, Egypt, Australia, Bulgaria, Italy and France. Their products are naturopathic; no form of petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances are used.

When you buy a Barn & Potter product, you can expect the best scent and therapeutic properties nature has to offer. From harvest to distillation, to design and innovation, we ensure devotion to detail and being responsible – socially and environmentally. Barn & Potter believes in natural holistic healing through premium ecological solutions. We live to enhance people’s lives – the natural way.

Barn & Potter Design is dedicated to crafting exquisite designs that intrigue creativity while conveying consumer relevance – allowing each individual to represent their unique personality and lifestyle preferences with our products.

With their end users in mind, their commitment to design is noticeable throughout these product offerings – from packaging, labels, bottles, and instructional manuals to gift boxes. Each selection is an end result of cultural conceptualization and meticulous planning.


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Email: enquiry@mountsapola.com

Site: www.mountsapola.com

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