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The Ben Nye Makeup Company was started in 1967 by renowned Hollywood film industry makeup artist Ben Nye. Its current CEO is Nye’s son, Dana. Ben Nye makeup is a family owned company dedicated to serving professionals throughout the world.

Benjamin “Ben” Nye, Sr. was an American makeup artist for the Hollywood film industry for over four decades, from the 1930s to the early 1980s. He worked on over five hundred 20th Century Fox films both in and out of Hollywood.

Nye officially retired in 1967 and created the Ben Nye Makeup Company, which has a distinguished reputation internationally. Nye, Sr. left his son Dana in charge of the company as CEO. Nye’s son, Ben, Jr., also works in the film makeup industry.

Nearly all of their cosmetics are manufactured in Los Angeles. Ben Nye, Sr. used his broad film experience to design his own makeup nearly 50 years ago The Ben Nye Makeup Company issues the Ben Nye Catalog, which both displays the company’s product line, and features its use by famous, notable, or exceptional makeup artists in the film and theater industries

Ben Nye Makeup produces a large range of professional cosmetic & special FX products used in TV, Stage, Performance & Film. Used by consumers and professionals worldwide. Providing products such as foundations, cosmetic powders, eyeshadows, concealers, face paints, body paints, fake blood, liquid latex, fixing sprays, brushes & tools.

Ben Nye special FX products are high quality, luxury cosmetics includes best selling items like the  Ben Nye Banana Powder, Final Seal, Fresh Scab,  Nose & Scar Wax and Glitter Glue.


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