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BodyBlendz products are the foundation for looking & feeling your best. We put a lot of love into what we make so that you can absolutely love what you see.When you strip off all the layers—the clothes, the jewelry, the makeup—what are you left with? A blank slate for your body. A fresh start for your skin. That’s where BodyBlendz comes in.

That means using only the highest quality “super” ingredients that are rooted in nature, with a little bit of science blended in. Nothing fake. Nothing nasty.  Because that’s just not who we are. And neither are you.

Whether your end goal is to improve the overall appearance of your skin—saying goodbye to the cellulite, stretch marks & other undesirable stuff—or simply to feel sexier in the bod you’ve got, you can trust that every scrub will leave you soft, smooth & glowing until you do it all over again.

BodyBlendz combines pure, natural ingredients with cutting-edge formulations, all carefully selected for maximum results. Their scrubs are specifically designed to target cellulite, stretch marks, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. They also leave your skin soft, smooth and looking amazing with the amazing yummy smell!

Unopened, BodyBlendz scrubs have a shelf life of up to 14 months. Once opened, they’ll stay good for 3 months. Make sure to keep them scrubs sealed and dry in between each use. Keep out of your shower or any wet areas, preferably in a cupboard out of direct sunlight. To remove any coffee grinds from the seal, we recommend using a nail file or any thin object.


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