BottomSlim is a slimming brand, with the objective to provide strength for woman to achieve and overcome every milestone in life, and achieve their body goals.  BottomSlim believes in empowering women by helping them love their bodies, so that they can overcome these milestones, confidently.

BottomSlim seeks to give beautiful transformations, not only to the appearance but also to women’s lives. Confident women and powerful women.

BottomSlim offers solutions to aid in body slimming for a multitude of common body concerns; bulging tummy, heavy thighs, cellulite, etc– BottomSlim aims to offer products that specifically target these areas. Some of the brand’s range of slimming products include: BottomSlim New York Nano Firm Gel, 3D Lipo Foam, Spot Slim Spray, and more.