About Centella

Centella Skincare was borne out of a desire to use natural plant ingredients to enhance and improve our skin without the need for harsh synthetic ingredients and unnecessary additives. CENTELLA’s active ingredient, Centella Asiatica is medically tested and proven in the treatment of wound healing, venous insufficiency, and reduction of scarring.

‘Centella Asiatica’ appears to increase development of new blood cells and blood veins thereby increasing blood flow to the wounded area. CENTELLA has a Centella Asiatica Stem Cell range for superior anti-aging and pigmentation treatments CENTELLA contains high concentrations up to 60% of the active ingredient Centella Asiatica.

High concentrations of the active ingredient can be achieved because it is organic and not synthetic. High concentrations of Centella Asiatica creates changes in the skin quickly. CENTELLA active ingredient Centella Asiatica is medically and pharmacologically tested and proven to Increases the production of new skin cells – by promoting the production of macrophages, which remove detritus and debris from the wound, specifically the edges, to allow blood and nutrients to be delivered to promote new cell growth

It also promoted blood flow – by promoting angiogenesis, which is the development of new micro blood vessels in the treated area. It also strengthening of the venus walls of blood vessels as well as the Increases the speed of wound healing – a change in the collagen ration to promote collagen production, aided by the antibacterial, macrophage, and venus promotion properties, increases the potential for increased cell production and wound healing