Cha Ling


This skincare line is the first to contain the powerful anti-aging and antioxidant agents of the Pu’er tea leaf grown in the forests of Yunnan province; initiating creative tension, both for short formulas with exceptional sensory qualities and the correct concentrations of effective and rigorously traced active ingredients.

Formulas focus on natural raw ingredients to respect the environment and the beauty of all and this has been proven effective for they have produced such high quality products like Cha Ling Massage Oil and Cha Ling Spring Mask Travel.

In the Yunnan Province of China, far from any pollution tea trees grew among the oldest in the world. For generations, these tea of forests are cultivated by the Bulang, a buddhist minority among the oldest in Yunnan. For the Bulangs, just as for true tea lovers, Pu’er is a treasure.

It is the only tea variety in the world to benefit from the riches of ancestral human culture and the wonders of nature. Thanks to a slow, cold fermentation process, authentic Pu’er teas improve with age and only achieve excellence after tens of years.