Chando is a beauty brand from China which was dubbed as one of the Chinese brands to look out for. Chando was first established in Shanghai in 2001 and it’s beginnings were definitely a humble one. Today, Chando has become one of the most successful domestic brands in the Chinese cosmetics market.

Chando is a beauty brand that firmly believes in the unity and coexistence of nature and humans making each and every products they make an environmentally friendly one. Some of their products are Chando Pure Nutrient Eye Cream and Chando Aging Resistance Activating Eye Cream.

Chando takes into consideration the diet and weather as well as the culture of its consumers into creating their products. It lead to the success of Chando overseas and now making waves all throughout Asia. Chando also aims to bring their products and culture not only all over Asia but also in Europe and America.

With this approach, Chando, brings natural ingredients into its high-tech products, therefore effectively providing a boost to happier and healthier life